What happens here?

Essay Fellas is a community contributed and maintained repository for common academic tutorials and essays on common academic topics. The word ‘academic’ is important, because a tutorial on brushing your dog’s teeth would be welcome if it’s part of college curriculum somewhere, but another on cleaning your horse’s nose will not be – if they do not teach it anywhere, as part of official college curriculum.

Currency less, yet sustained by tutorial contributions

It is entirely free for you as a user, since you must contribute your own tutorials or essays, once a month to have access through that period of time. However, a second route would be to engage in a subscription, if you did not choose to contribute and still wanted access.

Money accepted

If you wanted instant access – without putting forward your contribution in terms of tutorials, you can have that by paying only $7 for a month of access. That’s about what it costs to maintain the site – hosting, updating, securing etc.