Art means several

Art and Culture

Art means several things to me. First of all when I see art, I can imagine what the artist may having been looking at, imagining or feeling at the time the piece was created. Art also gives the artist the opportunity to show things that other may not see themselves, or in some cases want to see. Take the streets of New York for instance. Some artists may portray the city in its beauty while others may show the images behind the scenes. For instance, homeless people on the street, the litter all around, robberies and so on.

Art is also related to culture. The type of art created is sometimes reflected on what culture the artist was brought up on. Many different cultures have many different views on art.

Art in Everyday Life

Art usually goes unnoticed; however, people use art in everyday life. Take bakers for example. A wedding cake baker has to have creativity to do well in the business. Bakers have to come up with new cutting edge designs to keep up with the culture and current style. They also use an architect’s techniques and other artist’s techniques to build their cakes.

Chefs also relate and are influenced by art. When people eat they tend to eat with their eyes first. If a meal does not look appetizing chances are the person will not like it. When you are a chef you have to have creativity to come up with new dishes. Many people can make a macaroni and cheese dish, but to make an award winning macaroni and cheese dish you need creativity.

Art also can affect people every day. From what they wear to where they decided to live or shop. Think if there were two grocery stores right next to each other. One is a square, boring cream color building, and the other is a three dimensional building with vibrant colors. Which one do you think will bring in more business?

Personal Experience

My personal experience with art has come in several different ways. For one example, when I graduated high school I attended beauty school. I thought that creating art in the form of hairstyling was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After a year of school, I decided that it wasn’t for me. However, I discovered that decorating was more up my alley. I enjoy interior decorating. I constantly come up with new ideas for the layout and art of my home. I never actually thought of that as art until reading through the chapters in our textbook.


When I first thought of art, the first thing that comes to mind is paintings and sculptures. After learning more about the true meaning of art, I’ve come to discover that you apply art in everything you do. From the moment you wake up in the morning and do your hair and makeup and pick out an outfit for the day, to cleaning and decorating your home, as well as cooking dinner for your family. Art is applied to your everyday life whether you realize it or not.


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