Digestive System

Part 1

Digestive System



Digestive System Location

Oral Cavity: Located at the head known as the mouth.

Liver: Located inside the upper part of the body.

Gallbladder: Located middle of the body right below the liver.

Ascending Colon: Located middle right of the body.

Appendix: Located lower right of the body.

Anal Canal and Anus: Located lower middle of the body.

Esophagus: Located from the head to the stomach.

Stomach: Located middle of the body.

Pancreas: Located below the stomach.

Transverse colon: Located below the Pancreas.

Rectum: Located lower part of the body

*The way I memorize the parts of the digestive system is by using writing the information on

flash cards an study the material several times.*


Digestive System Mechanisms

Mouth: Propulsion, Chemical digestion, Mechanical digestion

Small intestine: Propulsion, Absorption, Chemical digestion, Mechanical digestion

Esophagus: Propulsion

Stomach: Propulsion, Absorption, Chemical digestion, Mechanical digestion

Large intestine: Propulsion, Absorption, Chemical digestion



Propulsion: The movement of food along the digestive tract. The major means of propulsion is peristalsis. Peristalsis is a series of alternating contractions and relaxations of smooth muscle that lines the walls of the digestive organs and that forces food to move forward.

Absorption: Is the process of taking molecules of food of digestion through the wall of the intestine. The body receives most of the food nutrients through this process

Chemical digestion: The breakdown of food into simpler compounds. Proteins are broken down to amino acids, carbohydrates are broken down to simple sugars, and fats are broken down to fatty acids and glycerol.

Mechanical digestion: Is the physical break down of food into smaller pieces. One example of this is chewing which occurs in the mouth by the teeth, which cut and grind food into smaller pieces.






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