Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

Now in regards to the causes of substance abuse the perspectives I agree with are the sociocultural view and biological view. However, I also believe that all of the theories have some value to them but they also have room for errors. It is hard to know for sure what causes substance abuse in people, but I believe that part of it is connected to genetic traits passed down through the generations of family members.


I agree with the biological view that genetics is interlinked into who we are, and we are born into this world with a genetic predisposition. Example; if a child is the product of an alcoholic parent, then that child would be more at risk of developing an addiction substance than a child whose parents that do not drink or have a substance addiction. Studies show a link between substance abuse, genetics and biochemical factors.


Now I believe that our behavior in life comes from what we observe in our early days as a child. The sociocultural theory states that substance abuse comes from stress and environmental factors such as low socioeconomics and unemployment. If this environment we grow up in has drugs and alcohol abuse in it then this would be the norm and a child would not know any differently until later in life when they discovered what was right and wrong. Until then the child would only know what they grew up accustomed to, with type of life style it would be hard to make the right decision when the opportunity presented itself.





When it comes to treating substance abuse, the most effective method is a multidimensional plan. Every person is different and each has their own way of learning and responding to treatment, so psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, biological, and sociocultural therapies should all be applied for a successful outcome.

The psychodynamic approach will help the abuser to uncover and resolve conflicts which have contributed to their abuse, while the behavioral sensitization approach of connecting his or her drug of choice with things the individual finds sickening for the sake of reducing the craving for that drug. Behavioral self-control training helps to learn coping strategies in difficult situations, while biological support is used by introducing antagonist drugs to keep the patient from going back to their dependence, and finally sociocultural therapy for a lifetime of meetings such as alcoholics anonymous.








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