Lean Six sigma In this paper I am going to develop a program to train and maintain the style Lean Manufacturing of the company.

Lean Six sigma


In this paper I am going to develop a program to train and maintain the style Lean Manufacturing of the company. My goal is to decrease inventory, and therefore the charges in the organization. Major gathering of the goal in this paper the term is planned, and sales / customer, product, procurement, and / or suppliers and transport with the help of the Lean Manufacturing Six sigma.

According to the case study, it appears that the difficulties inherent both in the organization, both purposeful and plans will work for me before. I am going to have a good implementation.

It features Lean Manufacturing methodology from the targeted technical means, that the basic principle in business functions and a way to present them with a number is not mentioned, and impaired activities of non-CMOS (WiseGeek 2010). The basis for this through a system of beliefs of the Toyota production restructuring and labor leader, organize, and move forward relentlessly advanced production system. Lean production includes many of the devices and methodologies, for example, 5S, Six sigma, JIT, Kaizen, heijunka flattening output, and value stream mapping (Lean Masters Consulting Group, 2010).

While the decline in waste is the main goal of lean, and have in some cases, penalties for accidental as evidenced by difficulties such as manufacturing and goods Leagile recognizes the monsters in the car, for example, Toyota and Ford (WiseGeek 2010).

While Six sigma such as changing the deposit scheme to promote and important feature of the Assembly of the institution XYZ, it has not been adapted effectively to allow the benefits both through supply chains. Shows quotation by the publications that are related to most of the requests that have been released from Six sigma in the supply chain to provide customary methodologies Six sigma internal roads to the interior of the resource “organization Six sigma” (Lean Masters Consulting Group, 2010).

In the past, and lean and Six sigma were examined, and sometimes almost rival methodologies, with some companies choose one or the other as their car promotion of Ministers. Six sigma with lean, and that the confrontation can be taken formally incorrect, the XYZ company can benefit from the best of both approaches.

The industrial giant Honeywell center first to get to know the power of blending disciplines and lean Six sigma (WiseGeek 2010). Imagine that when Honeywell came by Allied Signal in the late 1990s, under the authority of the famous Larry CEO Bossidy, a way of blending Lean and Six sigma which they described as the “Six sigma a plus.” (Lean Masters Consulting Group 2010) that the company wanted to strengthen the methods and results through the use of lean techniques to streamline and eliminate waste, and thereafter, consistency and reliability of those methods that are used Six sigma. 3M is another pioneer in providing Six sigma lean. Now I am going to help push the program quickly Six sigma lean all through the company XYZ.

“Six sigma lean usually begins by describing the value of the supply chain from the customer point of view” (WiseGeek 2010). “Every institution has either a plan, express or implied, and he wants in the supply chain executive to supply accurate view to support this strategy. Six sigma lean with the goal of Prime Minister of the progress many operational excellence, and the addition should provide great benefit to the company compared with key customers and markets. “(Lean Masters Consulting Group 2010)


There are some values ​​that drive the scheme of transfer of lean and Six sigma together:

  • will lean is not transferred under the control of the statistical method
  • Six sigma alone does not provide a stunning pace of method, or decrease a large share in the capital
  • give each of the low cost of complexity, but complementary ways (WiseGeek 2010)


this can be combined methodologies and strengthen each other, and there is ample evidence that improvements in the way the total is greater if the application of lean and Six sigma together. “The opening is to reduce the fluctuations in the value-added operations,” “should lean on the Elimination of non-value added steps how to, and then can be directed Six sigma to pressure up on the implementation of these operations.” (Lean Masters Consulting Group 2010)

Therefore, from the perspective of lean, what Six sigma adds to company XYZ is efficiency to reduce the contrast method. From the viewpoint of Six sigma, adds lean is a way more often, and speed cycle time, as well as operating costs less. Moreover, it can be said that Lean focuses on reducing the disparity of time, while Six sigma focuses on reducing process variation (WiseGeek 2010). Lean tends to develop more “quick fix” answers, while Six sigma takes over the “root cause” approach. Furthermore, it is likely to believe in the application of values ​​Six sigma in the stage of “follow-up perfect,” one popular model of lean six steps.

If the target company XYZ on any of the lean or Six sigma as a key to the exclusion of the other, or that use both devices, but as it is very clear, it should be treated if there is openness to let the better results of the strategy about Lean Six sigma.

Employment or lean Six sigma or both, to the priority tasks, is the way forward for company XYZ, which specifies that survival is in fact the source of the fittest. The mere existence of these methodologies under the cover of the head is not enough. It requires to be close and methodologies for the integration of workers off the platform are identical.

The potential to provide Six sigma and lean for many company XYZ. And specifically in the management of storage, they may want to stare at the download metrics tour to raise the prices, selection and download defects and dock to stock or standards type dock to the bench. Begin to lean, and the view of the potential for a dock to stock (time from the bulk material in the dock to put away on the shelf) to the bottom of the cycle times (this influences rates of access to the floor of the output). Take a stroll through the warehouse, and if the remuneration is a glimpse of the cartons and pads sitting round, they understand they have opportunities! Once cycle time are smaller, and then take a look at defect rates in other parts of the standard metrics repository

With the aim of integration is to provide XYZ with yield optimization and improvements. Tendency in the direction of converging methodologies is in fact for the management of change and its elongation is to regulate the situation. After all, the change is not an event-time sequence of one or even a one-time events, but should be part an integral part of the heritage of the DNA of the organization. Should be prepared XYZ company, such as other large companies to embrace change, but this needs to manage a group listed on the verge of take advantage of the methodologies and the stage of a strong institution and a broad understanding that the proceeds after the institution to include facts and figures and analyzes of inte

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