To: Sarah Doe
CC: Department Supervisor
From: Justgottamakeit
Date: 6/11/2011
Re: Purchasing New Accounting Software
Purchasing New Accounting Software
Below are a couple of things you need to keep in mind while shopping around for our company’s new Accounting Software.


Keep in mind while looking for software, that by choosing the right software it will make accounting easier and it is a very important part of making our company’s finance management easier. The first thing you have to do is eliminate any and all software that does not fit our company’s needs; this will make the process of purchasing new Accounting Software a lot quicker. Make sure the file input is user friendly and your co-workers can navigate the system as well. If one of your co-workers does not understand the software it is not compatible for our company. Real-time errors boxes are important because if a code is put in incorrectly the user should be prompted immediately to change the incorrect code. A simple design is best for our company, quick easy and to the point. Make sure that the Accounting Software has all the modules that are needed for our company’s needs today as well as the option to add on in the future when our company grows. Looking at the modules individually and module packages will ensure that our company covers all ground for advancements while staying on budget. Great customer service and excellent technician support is a must; this will ensure our answers if any are answered promptly and correctly in a timely manner. Cost is the most important, staying on budget is very important. Accounting software has a sliding scale of prices; the right accounting software is out there and I believe you will find it.

While all of the above are major factors to consider while purchasing accounting software; take your time, watch some demos and create a list of your top five software products. Slowly comb through that list and eliminate using your better judgment. Remember we work as a team in our company; so feel free to contact me or your direct supervisor if you need any assistant during this journey.

Lead Accountant


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