Communicating Bad News

Communication in business is the primary models of ensuring operations are conducted in the affable method they are supposed to. In order for communication to be effective it needs to be delivered effectively and in the language that one understands (Berko, 2010). A response should be provided in order to ensure that the message conveyed has been understood and received and will be useful to the knowledge of the recipient. In a business setting, communication should element the language fluency as well as be respectful and understood by all recipients.
Superior Foods Corporation Case Study
Superior Foods Corporation is a prestigious company that has managed to hire an estimate of thirty thousand employees in the eight nations that it has set up divisional facilities for daily production. The main product is in the exportation of the United States meat products such as pork, beef, sausages which have all undergone the processing stage to ensure they can reach their respective destinations without going stale. However, the occurrence of the mad cow disease has gradually enveloped a new status for the company in reduced exportation of their meat products. As a result, the company does have to resolve to fire twenty-five percent of the employees currently hired in their Nebraska city facilities. This message does need to be conveyed to the employees in the best possible way even though the leaders will be communicating bad news.
Purpose of communicating this bad news
The main purpose of communicating this bad news is in order to avoid a much bigger conflict of employees feeling as though they were fired unfairly and taking this matter to court. They need to understand that with the reduced level of sales the company is unable to sustain their employment especially since this will be an added expenditure that the company cannot cover. The employees need to know that they are not being laid off due to age, poor work performance or any form of biases towards them. This will also contribute by helping to prepare the employees for the changes that are about to occur (Mind tools, 2014).
Idea- generation approach
The main technique used in this case study is the derivative idea. This procedure involves taking something that is already existing and changing it. In this case the company’s division in Nebraska was the largest production and exporter and thus did have the largest number of employees. The change that would be conducted on it would be reducing the number of employees, in order to reduce the expenditure and avoid the product of products that are currently not selling in the international market.
Message to the Employees
The Superior Foods Corporation has always marked with great strength the support each one of our employees’ provides in your job positions. The company has always registered great levels of success especially with the exportation of our meat products, and we applaud every one of you for always working in a manner that superseded your current level of experience. This company is represented by each one of you with a prestigious reputation.
However, the company is currently affected by the rate of reduced exportation to the extent that the company has to make the toughest decision to lay off twenty-five percent of the employees in our company. This decision has come up as the only way to keep the organization afloat and only hopes that the work experience and skills acquired here will open greater career opportunities to the individuals that will part ways with us.
There will be no bias selection and every employee selected for the layoff. You will all be provided a guarantee of a good reference from this company to help support your future acquisition of a job position in a new company. If any of you do have any questions in regards to this matter and the progress feel free to consult the management staff. This company expresses sincere apologies for having to undertake this procedure as a means to secure the stability of the organization. Everyone should be able to have the privilege of job security in this company. However, the most recent unfortunate events have forced the company to make this tough decision and only hope that you all understand the situation at hand. The Superior Foods Corporation truly wishes the employees who will part with us a successful future as they venture into new career grounds.

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