Communication Ethics

This is some of what the Hershey’s code of conduct says. Hershey has set forth a Code of Ethical Business Conduct by which it will conduct its operations. Their code comprises of a variety of topics, such as the use of corporate funds, conflicts of interest and protection of company information. The code applies to all directors, officers, and employees, both in the United States and worldwide, which makes it very clear that the expectation of these criteria are to be respected in all job related activities no matter the business pressure.
The Code of ethic state that the managers have a combined duty by leading by example and to make sure that the Code is obeyed and followed in areas that are under their supervision. It also states that no matter what position you hold in the company, violations of the Code will not be allowed.
Hershey has outline the behaviors in its code of conduct that everyone in the company must follow, so that the company’s ethical standards are upheld. Hershey established a code to show how to resolve ethical dilemmas and provide the contact information that should be used when there are any questions or concerns.
The responsibilities of the employees and directors are to acquaint themselves with and follow all policies, laws and regulations that apply to their jobs. They have a commitment to their consumers. They want to uphold the trust consumers have in their brand by providing the best products and by observing honest marketing practices.
Hershey’s managers are to act as role models by holding themselves to the uppermost standards of the Code and ethical business conduct. They are to support the code and make sure that all employees understand, follow the code and know exactly what is expected of them. Employees should be in an environment that is positive and they should be comfortable enough to raise questions and concerns. Managers are to make sure that all employees obtain training concerning the Code.
Any known suspected ethical or illegal transgressions must be reported immediately and any retaliations or acts of retaliation should never be ignored. Any manager that does not report any violations that they are familiar with or should have been familiar with could be disciplined up to and including termination, this also applies to the executive offices.
The founder of Hershey, Milton Snavely Hershey, in 1938 was requested to account for his formula for achievement. He said, “I don’t know that I have a recipe, I have always worked hard, lived rather simply, and tried to give every man a square deal. That’s why perhaps, I’ve been in business so long-sixty-two years. You can’t cheat and lie and steal and continue to keep in business.” (…/code-of-conduct). I believe the founder of the company was dedicated to being honest and fair with his employees as well as his customer.
The Hershey Company is trying to have all its employees to perpetuate Mr. Milton Hershey’s legacy of being honest, fair and to never cheat the customers, each other or anyone associated with the company. They have provided a Code of Conduct for all its employees but they also advise that it is not a substitute for good judgment. They asked that all employees take the time to read the code very carefully and familiarize themselves with their standards and to respect them accordingly.

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