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Keystone Human Services is a nonprofit organization serving clients throughout Pennsylvania. This organization is not unique in the fact that its purpose is to assist clients with intellectual disabilities in being active members of their community. What singles out Keystone Human Services from other organizations is the vast number of services it offers its clients and their families. The services provided are custom tailored to the client’s needs.

Organizations such as Keystone Human Services are considered “special interest foundations” (Martin, L., 2001, p.176). Special interest foundations focus on specific purposes. Keystones focus is to help individuals with mental health issues and intellectual disabilities. There are many programs that Keystone has created to serve the growing number of individuals seeking services.
Keystone’s goal is to try and reach every aspect of a person’s necessities to function normally in society by providing services that are tailored to four specific categories.
• Education- Keystone provides educational resources tailored to clients educational needs. These services range from head-start programs to behavior health services.
• Community- Keystone provides employment possibilities for individuals who are intellectually disabled. By providing job training and transportation they are able to provide the small necessity that makes employment possible.
• Self- Keystone provides various therapy options to clients with disabilities. They provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. They also provide service dogs to those that need them.
Family- Services provided through Keystone give the opportunity for an individual with certain disabilities to remain in their home with assistance provided by the organization.
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The programs offered are available to individuals of all ages and are located throughout Pennsylvania.
Keystone Human Services offers a new program to the community. The name of the program is the Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP). The services offered are specifically tailored toward the individuals needs. Support staff for this program includes a wide array of clinicians.
Services provided through Keystone are supported through community donations as well as campaigns. Keystone Human Services (2009) stated, “The development program includes: annual giving, capital campaigns, one time contributions, bequests, endowments, special events, funding of special projects, in-kind contributions and volunteer support”(¶1).

Figure 1. Keystone Human Services Annual Revenues from 1997-2006
From Keystone Human Services Financial Information (2009)
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Each program receives support through the donations made. Depending on the size of the program will greatly impact the funds they receive. The money is then allocated between the programs.

Figure 2. Keystone Human Services “How We Spend Our Dollars- fiscal year 2007”
From Keystone Human Services Financial Information (2009)
Besides programs Keystone also supports local and worldwide foundations. One of the foundations that Keystone Human Services supports is the Soros foundation. The Soros foundation was established to assist the community of Moldova. Moldova has a rising number of individuals with mental disability suffering from deinstitutionalization. In addition to Keystone Human Services 14 other organizations collaborated to end institutionalizing individuals with mental disability. The goal is to establish services for the community and maintain a certain quality of life.
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A local foundation was established through Keystone called the “Planet Dog Foundation”. With assistance from fourteen other nonprofit organizations Keystone Human Services have been able to gather over $45,000 in funds to go toward programs that use canines to assist clients. The service dogs assist individuals with certain impairments to function independently. The individuals served have severe handicapped complications and the service dogs are able to help them with their needs. The Planet Dog Foundation not only provides service dogs to the handicapped but also provides bomb sniffing dogs to assist local police departments.
Unfortunately the economy has affected how much money organizations are donating to foundations. Wallack (2009) stated “Foundations across the country, including more than a half-dozen of the largest grant makers in Massachusetts, say they are giving less this year after suffering a steep drop in investments last year” (¶2). These cutbacks are going to severely affect the help the organizations are able to provide to foundations. As the economy gets better or organizations have sought out different ways to increase their profit; donating will be decreased.
Organizations benefit greatly through grants given by foundations. By receiving grants the organizations are able to accomplish their vision to assist the community in need of service. If it were not for foundations the communities that are lacking services would struggle and possibly never receive help at all. It is imperative that organizations and individuals continue to support foundations because larger numbers are able to accomplish more.

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