Consider a local

Consider a local business whose services you frequently use. What are the main components of this company’s business model?


Write a 200- to 300-word response describing the three components of the business system that comprise the local business you selected. Use Figure 1.2 on p. 11 of Introduction to Business as a reference.


A local business whose service I frequently use is Crystal Cleaners. Crystal Cleaners provide dry cleaning services to customers. The main component of this company business model is to use their resources to create valuable service that will give them a competitive advantage against other cleaners. Crystal Cleaner business motto “Quick, Friendly Cleaner with excellent and quality services”. After reviewing Chapter 1 and reviewing Figure 1.2 I believe that Crystal Cleaners uses all three components of the business system. They always insure that they are providing satisfaction on the services that they provide insuring that they are fulfilling every consumer’s needs this describes business as commerce. Crystal Cleaners uses their specialized skills and abilities to create a lasting impression on the service that they provide their customers this describe business occupation. Crystal Cleaners owner and employees interact with customer in a positive way; they will greet & smile at you no matter what they are doing. They always insure that any request that a customer inquiries on is met this describes business organization. Crystal Cleaners provide a quick, courteous, and quality service to their customers no matter what type of service they are providing whether it’s alteration, dry cleaning or pressing. They are a company that strives to provide great services to their consumer as their customer help bring revenue.



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