Developing good business sense This is an extremely hard paper to write for me since I am going to work all weekend and will not be able to go to any companies.

Developing good business sense

This is an extremely hard paper to write for me since I am going to work all weekend

and will not be able to go to any companies. Instead I will take three companies that I

have worked at and explain the employee’s task, differences in the operations involved

in the input, operations, and output stages of these companies, identify the nature of their

operating systems, explain organization of employees, and give a little insight on their


The three companies that I have chosen is: Wal-Mart, Wendy’s, and a development

company that I recently work with. I chose these because they are all different from

each other. These companies will bring a different environment that will have different

operations within their walls.

Wal-Mart in-fact has a pretty good operation going on. They produce a good product

and a long list of one. The people are friendly and usually take pride in their job. The

employees keep on task and generate an environment that is worth being in. This is

generally true in most of the Wal-Mart’s. They have a greeter which gives confidence to

the buyer that they are there for them. They put products organized in a suitable way for

you to find. They give good discounts and benefits for their employees. The advertising

they give with papers with sales in it gives a want factor to the customer. They also do it

with the internet and TV. The organization of their employees is excellent and expanding

while giving more products and services to the public.

Wendy’s on the other hand gives a food demand to the economy. They keep up with

the trends and change their menu often. The employees are not as happy to be there

but generally have young workers their so service is not as great. The employee’s task

consists of the fries, cooking burgers, cashier, and window cashier. They generally have

Developing good business sense

a line set up to make operations faster and their product go out faster. All in all they are

a flourishing business and are widespread even if the employees are not in to it. People

like it so they eat it. Advertising is a great way that they get out to the people they mostly

do it with TV. The organization of their employees consists of their skill in the particular

space they take up for the moment. Always room to change skills.

The developer business is an excellent business but this particular business is far from

it. Their operations within the office is great, very well planned and organize, but outside,

not so great. The employees don’t take pride in their work and solely depend on getting

paid rather than loving what they do. They are much unorganized and need a lot of work.

They don’t plan on construction jobs and usually get fined for a lot of things. Their

finish product usually good but always takes people working after people to establish

this. I pick this company for this very reason that they do not take pride in their business

outside of the office. Their advertising is not so great they put to much demand by their

employees rather than trying to get demand from their buyers. Organization not so great

and changes to create better skills are not very applicable.

The main cost that most companies have is product, all types of different machines,

and the cost of employees. This generally puts the cost high depending on the particular

business venture you are getting into. Businesses really need to take the cost into

consideration because it’s the main thing that can bring a company down. Companies

design their operating systems to give them a competitive advantage by setting

different trends and bringing better products to the public to generate a better cash flow.

Companies also give a little something to impress employees and give them a dependable

workplace that they can be proud of. Such as benefits, raises, sign on bonuses, and a list

Developing good business sense

of ways to generate a better life and income as the employee.

These companies all have a good production line in their operations dealing with

the employees and their products but always need to stay on task and generate a more

profitable company. Keep in mind cost of materials and the employees and keep them


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