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InterClean Career Development Part 1: Job Analysis and Selection


The merger between InterClean and EnviroTech has brought on a new aspect to the newly formed organization.  The new organization will focus on not only just the retail side of the cleaning business but will now seek to provide full service cleaning solutions for health care organizations.  As a result, the organization moving in a new direction the mid-level sales manager is responsible for selecting a new and competent sales team that will represent the organization and bring in prospects for new business.  InterClean will use career development and selection processes to ensure the sales team is prepared for the new goals of the organization.  The career development process with include the processes of job analysis and workforce planning to ensure everyone is aware of the strategic plan within the organization.  The selection process for the new sales team will include the following steps: The sales manager will inventory the current sales needs for the new organization, the manager will then inventory the current skills level of the sales force and determine the gaps that need to be filled.  The manager will then choose five to seven employees who will represent the new sales team and explain how they were chose.

The first part of the process will be the job analysis information.  The job analysis is the procedure by which the manager identifies the important information about the job.  In the process of job analysis, the manager determines what each member of the sales force does, the process by which they get it done, and the skills and environment required for them to complete the task.


In this case, the each member of the sales team will need to:

  • Establish and maintain long-term relationships with the customers and act as an advocate between InterClean and the customer.
  • Maintain and understand each product and service offered by the organization.
  • The team should be up to date on the OSHA requirements for environmental regulations in pertaining to the standards of cleaning healthcare waste.
  • The sales team should have the tenacity to make cold calls and follow up on prospective clients.
  • Each sales team member should have the ability to exhibit “creativity to differentiate [oneself] from the competition,” a “sense of humor that builds deep rapport,” and “passion and desire to excel and be the best” (Ruth & Wysocki, 2002, p. 3).
  • Each sales team member should have the ability to develop service packages suited to each customer’s needs.
  • The successful sales team member should be able to engage directly with the healthcare facility managers, operations executives, as well as their fellow interClean employees.

Since the merger, the management team at InterClean has decided to focus on not only retail sales, but also expanding to a new facet of the cleaning industry.  In order to seek, capture, and retain new customers in this industry the sales force will need to be tenacious in their pursuit.  The workforce planning system is another vital piece to the success of InterClean; the workforce planning system is broadly defined as an effort to anticipate future business and environmental demands on an organization, and to provide qualified people to fulfill that business and satisfy those demands.  (Cascio 2010)


Step 1 – Complete a talent inventory to assess current human resources which includes assessing skills, abilities, & potential and analyze how each resources is being applied.

Step 2 – Complete a workforce forecast to predict people requirements, based on labor market, skill mix required, internal versus external labor supply.

Step 3 – Create action plans to enlarge the pool qualified to fill the current vacancies through actions such as recruitment, selection, training, placement, transfer, promotion, development, and compensation.

Step 4 – Control and evaluation to provide feedback on the overall effectiveness of the human resource planning system by monitoring the degree of attainment of HR objectives.

Workforce planning is important to InterClean because it will help to align its human capital/people with its business plan to ensure organizational effectiveness.


After completing the workforce planning process of the career development plan and observing the current talent and skills of the sales employees currently employed by InterClean, the management team has decided that the research based behavioral interview process would be best for deciding the members of the new sales team.  The management team has decided that effective penetration of the desired market can only be achieved with a powerful sales force that consists of six people.  In order to select which employees will be a part of the team, the managers will need to use this interview process to allow the manager to better communicate job duties, current goals, and visions of the organization.  Behavioral interviewing, in fact, is said to be 55 percent predictive of future on-the-job behavior, while traditional interviewing is only 10 percent predictive.  (Hansen 2010)  This interviewing style will help to assess critical thinking skills, ability to be a self-starter, flexibility, self-confidence, and professionalism.

The team chosen by the managers is as follows:

1. Jim Martin, Vice President of Sales.  Jim has been selected due to his experience in the industry.  He is known for taking care of the customers, exceeds sales plan each year, comes up with innovative ideas, and possess great leadership skills.
2. Tom Gonzalez, Sales Manager.  Tom has over 25 years experience and is an expert in developing solutions based products.  He also has great customer service and problem solving skills and believes in developing long-term relationships with the customers.
3. Dennis White, Outside Sales Representative.  Dennis was selected due to his passion to find new customers, close the deals, and sell new products.  He has four years experience.
4.   Eric Borden, Outside Sales Representative.  Eric was selected as he has 14 years experience in the industry and stays abreast with the latest industry developments.  He also has good customer service and leadership skills.
5. Ving Hsu, Outside Sales Representative.  Ving was selected as he has 12 years experience and has experience-training employees of customers.  He has great customer service skills and uses his network of professionals to solve the customers’ problems.
6. Terry Garcia, Outside Sales Representatives.  Terry was selected as she has the skills needed to help the teamwork together.  She also has strong critical thinking and communication skills and is a good trainer.

InterClean is an organization with a bright new future, it must take all of the necessary steps to ensure the staff is prepared to embrace the new vision for the organization.  Using the workforce planning system and interviewing techniques will help the management team decide how each employee can be beneficial to the organization.  This will guarantee an effective progression to fulfilling the organizations new vision.






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