Marketing for Organizational Success

Marketing can include several definitions. What comes to mind for myself when I hear the word marketing is a strategic plan to advertise a corporation’s products and business to the consumers in order to further sales and production. A way for a corporation to expand its business, name and products. The definition of marketing according to is: Management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. Marketing as defined by Marketing is activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.


The importance of Marketing in Organizational Success is an imperative factor in the success of any organization. Marketing includes many different tactics.
Acquiring new clients is a major marketing strategy. Take the time to analyze the current cliental, and compare what traits they have in common with each other. After analyzing the cliental take that information and put together a campaign or advertisement that is edgy and will catch not only current cliental attention, but will target those with the same interests in order to bring in new, fresh cliental. Take the marketing strategy and reform and target new cliental with a new message that revolves around the similarities that are keeping your current cliental coming back.
Offer your current cliental and target new cliental with benefits that help them in one way or the other. Several good ideas to this approach may be to offer the cliental incentives to buy the product, such as affordable costs, fast delivery, availability, and user friendly products. For example, an online sale corporation whose product consists of women’s swimwear can offer the incentive of a free beach bag or towel with the purchase of one or more swimsuits, they could even use the approach of offering a free beach bag with the purchase of a certain color or brand of swimwear that is not selling a quickly.
To stay on track of the online corporation of swimwear, one very important tactic in marketing is to make the purchasing process user friendly, fast and easy. When a client is purchasing a product they want to do so with the least amount of hassle and questions asked. Marketing is very important here for the reason that clients typically like the process of ordering to be very simple, they typically don’t like to answer lengthy or difficult questions. When buying product clients usually go into the purchasing process with a minimal knowledge except for what they want as an individual and if they are pressed to answer multiple questions concerning the purchase some cliental wont be willing to come back for further purchases. Cliental prefers simple, fast and accessible.
Marketing focuses on a specific cliental and their needs, marketing is all about strategy and tactics that are used to identify and tend to the cliental and aid in product sales and services. Marketing includes researching what type of cliental is out there and what they want and need. Within marketing you also need to analyze what type of cliental you want to target, certain cliental may be easier and more accessible to target than others.
A strong marketing strategy consists of getting your name out there, having a connection with the cliental that is on an emotional level, and relaying a message that keeps a cliental interest. While marketing to a specific cliental the product should be intriguing and spark the cliental in the already established or newly growing corporation. With marketing these days and the availability of so many different strategies and ways to get your product and name known, remember to think outside of the box and not to stick to the typical radio or television ads. Expand to online ads through social networking sites and even through other corporations.
If you keep in mind creative and intuitive marketing strategies it could result in a huge difference in sales and recognition for your corporation. Good marketing strategies can set a corporation on the right track to a successful cliental and an aggressive edge or set them up for failure. This is why marketing is a very important factor in organization success. Marketing is one of the most important aspects to help a corporation grow and is an investment that if used correctly will pay back plus some in almost every scenario.


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