Pizza Hut SWOT analysis

SOWT analysis
The SWOT analysis helps organizations assess issues within and outside the organization. The SWOT analysis, made up of an assessment of strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities and threats from competition, provides an outline for strategic decision-making.

Small businesses, large corporations and individuals can utilize the SWOT analysis process for evaluation. By adding a SWOT analysis in their business plans, small businesses can better clarify their short- and long-range strategies. The SWOT analysis, often found in marketing plans, becomes a useful tool for planning and competitive analysis. Organizations often provide a SWOT analysis in a chart format with each segment represented in a different quadrant.

SWOT analysis of Pizza Hut
In every business company should have SWOT analysis tool, it could analyze strength, weakness, opportunities and threat in every organization. Based on the question pizza hut is a business company therefore it have the SWOT analysis for the product or the services.

The SWOT analysis for pizza Hut Bahrain:-
• Pizza Hut are specialize in pizzas.
• Pizza Hut doesn’t have any pizza’s competitors and they face very low competition in the market.
• It is the leading brands of the pizza.
• Pizza Hut is well known by everyone no matter is eldest or younger.
• In every country they also have their own outlet and store.
• It is a place suitable for family dining
• there are set for family and individual with reasonable price
• Pizza Hut has their own full service restaurant and delivery services compare to others Fast Food Company.
• there have their own loyal customer
• Pizza Hut have a large market share and have a strong network compare with other fast food restaurant.
• Pizza Hut also has a strong advertisement and many media help to attract people
• Pizza Huts store outlets in Bahrain have many ideas for the pizza.
• Every few months or seasons, it will come up with many flavor of the pizza and it will attract more customers to try the new thing.
• Strong franchisees networking
• Communication skills between worker and customer are bad
• Customer service are not meet customer expectations
• Food is not fresh enough
• Need to wait very long to be served even is wait to be seated or take order from customer
• Not in time to deliver the pizza
• Loyal customer is declining because of the satisfaction of the pizza
• sometimes the food are not meet the guest expectations
• Lack of innovation
• Internal factors among the franchisees
• The menu is complicated because there are not only pizzas but other variety of foods.
• Pizza hut delivery have charges but other competitor don’t have
• Pizza Hut face higher overhead of costs to deal with while other competitors don’t have to
• Although they have many outlets around the world but they can explore a new market and gain opportunities
• Pizza Hut should create different flavor and different crust size
• New product development can increase their market share
• Create a new pizza flavor such as Thailand tom yam
• Pizza hut can focus on eastern taste because there are more focus on western taste
• There are many pizza competitor in the market
• Domino pizza is the large competitors to Pizza Hut because they provide a good and efficient delivery.
• Cheese cost are increasing therefore the price of pizza will increase too
• Under independent restaurant can influence pizza hut market share because there are sell pizza with lower price
• Location is an important thing because not every location have the potential customer to afford the meal

Pizza Hut SWOT analysis there will a few part like strengths that say that how the advantages give the Pizza Hut in market and weaknesses that give disadvantages to Pizza Hut market. There also opportunities like how we can have a chances to our business and threats that that have make our business in trouble. The franchises market share status for Pizza Hut is in first place at the year of 2010. Meanwhile, Domino’s Pizza is at second place and Papa John’s Pizza is at third place.