Purpose of research:

Purpose of research:

The purpose of this business research is to find out the solutions of the problems which are facing by Garden Centers. Garden centers is a very big company and their revenues are very high and each year their turnover is increasing. Moreover they operate on lower margins which create more cost to them and due to this reason the business on the risk. However, business deals on plants so that the weather is also an important factor for the success factor of business. They are offering wide range of products to their customers so that they have to maintain their business norms and value. This report contains the format how to conduct primary and secondary data along with research  questionnaire.

Research paradigm:

The research paradigm for this research should be a qualitative research paradigm because this method is widely used in business research, it helps to find out the facts on a real basis. This paradigm is very valuable for researcher base it provides the correct path to reducer to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the research.   Collins and Hussey (2003) argued that the this approach is widely used because it contain more qualitative data rather than quantitative data. The nature of the business research shows that they are issues linked with the business in terms of external factors and other problems related to the operations of business.

Research approach:

The approach to this business is qualitative in nature because it very to get the detail information about the business and their problems. In this research it is very easy to get the data through a qualitative approach because this research is directly linked the garden center operations and their customers.

Primary data:

The primary data are the data which should be collected on the first hand experience or collected by yourself. The method to collect the primary data for this business research is discussed under following

  • Structured interviews with company staff
  • Distribution of questionnaires between management of the company and its customers
  • Semi structured interviews
  • Group interviews


Sampling frame:

Sampling frame for this business research continues the Individuals and customers who have detailed knowledge of the gardening business. In this research sampling frame consist of the following

  • Individuals who are currently working with Garden centers
  • Customers who buy the products of garden centers




Secondary Data:

The secondary data used in the research contain the behavior of the customers towards the Garden Center company and its products. It also contains the needs and demands of the customers according to the new trends. This data can be gathered in terms of previous reseraches or reuse the previous researchers to analyze the current situations of the company.


1) What is the age of customers which buy products from Garden centers?

a) 20 – 30 years

b) 30 – 40 years

c) 40 – 50 years


2) What is the range of income of the customers on a monthly basis?

a) £1000

b) £ 1500 – £3000

c) £3000 – £ 5000

3) Gender of the customer mostly buy the garden products?

a) Male

b) Female


4) How many times customers visit the Garden center outlet?

a) 20 days

b) 15 days

c) Once in a month

5) Customers find the Garden center stores nearby or they go far away?

a) Yes

b) No

6) Are the prices of the products being competitive?

a) Yes

b) No

7) Is the management is satisfied with working conditions

a) Yes

b) No

8) Is the performance appraisal system is working perfectly or it should update accordingly?

a) Yes

b) No

C) Other ________________________


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