The business plan

The business plan I have selected is called Kid’s Community College from the Child Day Care Services Business Plan. Kids Community College aims to prepare its student to excel as young leaders of tomorrow by combining an exclusive collegiate-based curriculum tailored specifically for children with enhanced, first class childcare services.

This Child daycare service is a privately held corporation run by Timothy Bernard Kilpatrick, Sr. He has 17 years of Executive Management (VP), budgeting experience, and extensive experience with budgeting methodologies and strategic planning, including the Balanced Scorecard approach. Mr. Kilpatrick has an advanced degree in computer science he is also the driving force behind our technology component. He is the type of owner that will be supporting the daily operations by an industry consultant, and part of the campus director and a VP of educational operations, all with the extensive experience in childcare fields.

The Industry consultant Carolyn Steverson will be relied upon for her industry expertise, providing valuable insight to rules, regulations, and governmental programs that may benefit the college. Carolyn Steverson has 25 years’ experience as an owner of Fat Albert Day Care Center, a licensed childcare facility owner, and has a vast knowledge of Hillsborough County Child Care Licensing requirements and government supplement programs.

The Campus Director Candice Harris will be responsible for daily operations, curriculum oversight, and management of all instructors, caregivers, and tutors. Candice Harris has a Business Degree in Education; she has 2 years’ experience as a facilities administration/support experience with the University of South Florida; 2 plus years as Regional Operations Manager, 5 plus years managerial/supervisory experience; 3 plus years grant writing, technical writing, workflow and process documentation experience.

The Vice President of Education Operations Nitika Steverson-Kilpatrick experience has a collegiate-level in Public Relations education, 5 plus years customer service experience, 8 plus experience in child care industry experience her mother was is the owner of Fat Albert Daycare, she also had an extensive theatre and dance background.

The Management Team is responsible for insuring that the present team meets all requirements of the Child Care Development Associate credentials to support the value proposition and preparation for 2004 Florida child care requirements. The Campus Director and the Industry Consultant are the only members of the management team who has these credentials. The Owner/President and Vice President of Education Operations has enrolled in January 2003 to complete the six-month course required to obtain these credentials.

Kids Community College business model was developed and researched properly. The plan provides a breakdown on what is needed to start-up the business, how to maintain the business, and provides a three year anticipated growth. The plan also includes the amount of students the Kids Community College will be required to enroll, on an average weekly basis to recover expenses. The plan provides information for the anticipated growth in a possible franchise in three separate locations. Mr. Kilpatrick also researched the needed services in the area; how to offer services that will differentiate Kid’s Community College from other competitors, he also researched how many targeted homes are within the 10-mile radius. The plan also included what the projected growth of the community is by researching construction of new homes.

I really like how well designed the plan is as it is designed to help compete with other competitors in the surrounding areas. The company mission statement provides the consumer with information about how they hope to achieve their goals. Mr. Kilpatrick intends to be active within the community, has a plan to form partnership with other local business and providing discounts to clients within the partnership. I believe that being active and forming partnership will bring many clients to Kids Community College. I believe that the chart listed in the business plan provided details that show the breakdown of revenue that provides stability, and how the organization plans to make a profit. I especially like how the chart provides a breakdown on the minimum average of students a week they will need to enroll in order to recover expenses.

The marketing strategies are accurately targeted. The organization plans on charging for services that they offer that will help meet their budget. The proposed location of the Kids Community College is located in a medical plaza that offers a fitness center. This will help bring clients as the fitness center has expressed the need for child service in the area. The company has an ideal marketing plan for their services. They intend to work on pre-enrollment drives, waiver of application fees on the initial start-up of their business, and they plan to do a community weekend that will attract clients and build a strong reputation. The start-up members will provide support for customer services relations and management responsibilities. I believe that it is important that the organization starts implementing their educational and activities instructor so that consumers do not feel that the mission statement and their goals of the facilities are not easily weaken.

According to the information, listed Mr. Kilpatrick cites the information listed in 2000 Florida Business Census that show the annual population growth of 2% per year and with the residential construction that is currently undergoing the proposed growth has reached 14.6% per year. This will increase the demands of childcare services in the area. The employees’ growth has anticipated and encouraged through various incentives. Mr. Kilpatrick plans to offer incentives to employees for obtaining quarterly financial and enrollment goals, probationary completion, passing county inspections that are required by state, perfect attendance, tuition reimbursement, and customer service rewards for those who exceed customer expectations. By doing this Mr. Kilpatrick believes that it will motivate his employees on a job well done and increase product quality.



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