The Islander

The Islander Incorporated Company manufactures and distributes handcrafted plaques to small or large business companies.

Brian Jade founded the Islander Incorporated Company in 1980. In 1980, the company was a sole proprietorship, which was based out of Brian’s garage. Brian did all the work from creating each handcrafted plaque to packaging and shipping each product. It was not until 1990, when Bruce Jade inquired with his brother if they could create a partnership. Brian thought about the offer and agreed to become partners as he needed help to fulfill the high demands of his product. However, Brian and Bruce both agreed that this partnership would be a general partnership and not a limited partnership. Both brothers wanted to insure that they both had equal liable aspects of the business.

The Jade brothers and their company continued to grow they hired employees to assist with the manufacturing of the handcrafted plaques, and packaging. By 1995, their partnership included 5 additional employees. The Jade brothers’ partnership had evolved into a limited liability company. This allowed them to provide limited liability for all of its members; each member of the company was considered as a partnership for tax purposes.

The Jade brothers company continued to expand in numbers and volume. They had moved out of Brian’s garage and into industrial warehouse to manufacture and produce the handcrafted plaque. It was not until 2005, that Brian felt tired of the business. Brian wanted to retire and dissolve his partnership, leaving his half of the business to his brother Bruce. However, Bruce was not pleased with the decision his brother made. Brian and Bruce decided to sell their business and ideas to a local entrepreneur who wanted to open his own company. In 2006, Jimmy Loure bought the Islander Incorporated Company and in December announced his new company the “Handcrafted Islander Plaque Company”. Today the Handcrafted Islander Plaque Company has grown and is presently a joint-stock company.



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