What are some examples

How do you determine the difference between client needs and desires?


What are some examples that demonstrate this difference?

John Powers:

Oh YES a clients needs could easily be prohibited to your design process. For example if a client needs their logo built in a certain way (which a logo I think really is a need) and you created the logo but they want if re-done then your design process is all messed up by having to go back and edit something that you have moved on from.


I would have to agree with John on this one, if you are working on making a logo to work with your website and have it all flow together with the same style of theme and then  the client comes back and says they want it done a different way or something, that can completely screw up what you had in mind. Either would have to start all over or hopefully just start all over on making or changing the colors or something of your logo.


Mark Long

if you client has know idea bout what they want what questions would you ask to get the information you need from the client that would help your design process


I would try to have the client give as much detail as possible and have them search for a few sites and have them show me and give me some sort of general idea of how they want the layout and look of the site they are wanting. Also I would ask “what kind of logo are they wanting, are they wanting one that’s just words with a little design around it or are they wanting a character or what?”

Why bother doing any research for a website that you’re building?


Does it help or hinder the creative design process to get closer to the subject matter?  Why or why not?
so you have a client with a product how do you start your research process?

I would research and look at different companies/websites and see how they are going about marketing there products and what they are doing to sell them. I would also look at the layout and color scheme of those company websites, to try and get a better idea/feel of the certain product.


can to much research on a product limit your design concept?

I guess it depends on the product, you are working with, but for the most part I would probably say no. For the simple fact, that having too much information on a product for a client is never a bad thing, you just need to make sure that after finding all of the facts etc, that you don’t become narrow minded about ways things should look now, just because you know a whole about that particular product.


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