What makes an ethical decision or issue, ethical? How would you explain the differences between ethical/non-ethical and ethical/unethical? What ethical issues or dilemmas have you experienced in the workplace? Are any ethical issues or dilemmas presently being discussed at your school?

An ethical decision is one in which moral standards are involved. These are decisions in which issues related to right or wrong are involved. Similarly, if an issue is such that it involves issues of what is proper, right, or simply honest, it is an ethical decision.
When a decision involves the issue right or wrong then it is an ethical issue. On the other hand if there is no question of right or wrong its is a “no ethical” issue. For instance, if a decision is to be make if a worker should be fired or not and moral issues are involved this decision relates to ethics. On the other hand if a person has to decide on the size of the lathe chuck he must use to get a precise cut there is no question of morality involved, so it is a no ethical decision.

On the other hand if the decision is such that the firing of the worker requires the use of moral judgment and standards of right and wrong. If there are used properly, it is an ethical decision. On the other hand if these standards are not used properly, it leads to an unethical decision. For instance, a worker is unfairly dismissed.
In the workplace, I have faced the ethical dilemma of running an advertisement once in a local newspaper and then entering it in a national competition. I had been told to prepare an ad specifically targeted at National competition. This practice is legal but not ethical because I know that such ads would not be liked by customers.
The ethical dilemmas being experienced at school are those relating to seeing a coworker steal and reporting/not reporting, knowing that pornography is being downloaded from company computer against the rules and reporting/not reporting, and coming to know of sexual harassment at workplace and reporting/not reporting.

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