Workplace Motivation

Workplace Motivation Paper

Businesses or companies expect complete success, and to reassure this, employee motivation is important. Each company must have extrinsic motivation to help with the best levels, even though employees possess intrinsic motivation. Our company utilizes different forms of extrinsic motivators. This paper will examine how the research of motivational tools are implemented within the performance of the employee. I will suggest ways for management to motivate employees in a more routine way, and the ways they could be applied through theories impacting the company (Eagleton, 2008).

My current position is a property manager for a large company in Southern Florida. The company I work for provides a variety of motivating strategies to guarantee that its employees are provided with the finest working environment, and with profitable allowance. When an individual is hired for a management position he or she is may be offered a bonus as an incentive for because he or she is qualified. This is a notable way to set a convenient atmosphere that will show employees that the company cares for their employees (Eagleton, 2008). Our company is conveying to its employees hired to do his or her best and he or she will be rewarded.

This ensures that the employees felt that his or her work is appreciated, and will have the drive to want to do better. The distant employees are offered a gas allowances and weekly bonuses from our company. This is a way for management to feel compelled to drive any distance to get the items needed for the company (Eagleton, 2008). This particular company takes pride in its employees by offering promotions. I am up for review, which means that the company will offer me the opportunity to take business management classes that will assist in my management skills.

This will open doors for many options with the company. This will give me the experience needed to open my own property management company, and have employees working for me, and I can continue my education in psychology in order to get the job I have worked hard for. The company first guarantees that its employees hold his or her immense levels of professionalism because the company depends on its customers. Much like a psychologist who goes to college and becomes a part of the American Psychology Association this guarantees that psychologists are always learning new information about disorders, mental illnesses, and the brain to its greatest level. This is similar in many ways because the company is allowing employees to further his or her education and broaden his or her knowledge.

The company has professionals working for them, such as accountants, professional consultants within the Florida region, and there are professionals who are available to assist employees with a variety of resources, and education in areas to help advance in his or her position. I think this is great because an employee may believe that he or she must obtain a specific degree, or years of experience to follow other visions within the company. Of course this is proven to be false. An individual needs is determination, the motivation to work toward a position, and because an individual has already been established within the company therein he or she will have the opportunity to be up for first review before new employees (Eagleton, 2008). The company owner is always finding new ways of rewarding employees, and if one of its managers have exceeded his or her job, a bonus, a plaque with one’s name on it, and in some cases a week vacation for two. These bonuses are only given to the property managers who show he or she has done an exceptional job or if the tenants have given recognition to the company.

The challenge is motivating to all the managers because if one does not succeed in his or her job, he or she will try harder the next time, and work together with other managers so he or she can learn how to improve his or her skills within the company. Every employee has to have the drive to do his or her part and go beyond his or her abilities for any project the company has given him or her in order to work efficiently. If one manager relies on the other managers, this could cause problems with all the managers. Furthermore, the individual will try to continue and use other managers or take advantage of one’s ideas.  Those managers understand that even though he or she does not do his or her part, the other managers are still going to be rewarded. These types of employees are usually fired after the company finds the right person who shows that he or she is the right person for the job, and this is fair to the other managers who are dedicated and work hard in showing his or her work ethics.

This also guarantees that each employee is putting forth his or her effort. The owner can see who is doing his or her work and who is not (Eagleton, 2008). The company also provides holiday pay for each manager who shows his or her effort, and his or her ability to do better. The managers are responsible for taking rent from tenants, taking the money to the bank, keeping his or her property clean, maintenance free, and crime-free. Other jobs consist of remodeling, mowing, and refurbishing.

Managers are to maintain a friendly atmosphere, keeping in mind the managers are not to make friends with the tenants but be friendly to the tenants. This company is well-known in Florida, and it is important for each employee to do his or her part because this has a huge impact on the company (Eagleton, 2008). Every manager is different and has his or her own intricate role with the company to ensure that the job is being done daily. Festinger’s Cognitive Dissonance Theory proposes that the individual’s tends to explore his or her understanding in dissonance or attitudes. The owner conducts a meeting with the managers two days a week.

The owner is flexible on all employees who practice good ethical principles daily, and the owner monitors each manager while on duty two days a week while speaking to the tenants. The owner shows respect to each manager, and never talks down to a manager. The owner approached me with a problem another manager was acquiring because he knows I am taking psychology and thought I may have some ideas on how to deal with another manager. I told him I would be happy to help, and he proceeded to tell me the problem and I quickly came up with a few options that he thought were great (Festinger, 1957). Most owners do not come to their employees for help, and do not require the managers to help him, but he does want insight from other managers so that he can utilize these ideas and come up with a great plan to help everyone.

This company also shows support to each employee who wants to further his or her education. The owner is allowing his employees to move up in the company, and most companies do not permit outside interference because its employees may not give 100%. The owner is always smiling every time he comes around, and he is always in a great mood; however, he does joke around with the managers to some degree while keeping his composer professional. It is motivating when the owner comes around and shows he does care for his managers. He never curses, which would be unprofessional and disrespectful to his employees.

With the owner being motivated, this helps managers in becoming motivated, and the managers will appreciate the company they work for. I feel very grateful to be in this position and allowed to do what I feel suited for the property I maintain, and it is rewarding in many ways. There are motivational strategies that my company could consider in setting goals within the company that would not cause any problems. Glass Control Theory states that individuals have a deep need to control the ambiguity that controls everyone around us (Control Theory, 2007). There are different levels within the company an individual can fulfill; however, this becomes a competition for all areas within the company, and causes one to work against his or her own goals (Control Theory, 2007).

This could cause other managers or employees to not speak to one another because of the goals and rewards conflicting against one another, therefore, if other employees were implementing the whole company, some managers may try to improve his or her morale. Each employee need to be directed in the right direction in order to succeed, and assist in the company growth, which may be impossible if others are competing against one another constantly. My company does implement great strategies, but has room for improvement, and I believe each employee would be at peace with one another (Eagleton, 2008).


In conclusion, there is no flawless system, law, or company in this world today; however, there are actions one can try to improve the condition of the element desiring positive direction from a diverse range of information. The company I work for is a great company to move up individually, and it applies many strategies for motivation with different ways that conducts many issues individuals have in his or her life. Providing the proper environment in the workplace, and the managers have a clear understanding and guarantees that behavior is appropriate at all times. It is important for each manager to be motivated in the workplace with good motivational goals, and productivity that provides a positive environment and management is satisfied through extrinsic and intrinsic rewards.





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