Career Development

Career Development Plan Summary: Heavenly Choices

  • The job descriptions and qualifications for five new positions (including one first-level management position)

Heavenly Choices is a catering and baking company that is seeking to expand its operations from a standalone bakery to encompass its new industry.  To expand the business operations of Heavenly Choices, the following five new positions are recommend, as each will play a significant role in the company’s future success including revenues, market share gain, customer retention, marketing and community relations.

1)      The first proposed position is a Marketing Director.  This position is crucial to the as the marketing director will perform market research as well as competitive intelligence to assist in our encroachment in the marketplace.  In addition to the primary research performed, the Marketing Director will also conduct research that consists of control, monitoring, feedback, and evaluation through quantifiable elements such as market share analysis, sales analysis, distribution penetration and the four Ps, price, product, promotion and placement. (Lake, 2010) The marketing director will be the custodian of this function to allow the organization to focus on the business operations while the marketing is properly addressed.

2)      The second position needed is one of a business manager.  The business manager will oversee the business operations of all locations Heavenly Choices Choice’s expansion plans.  By having one manager oversee all business functions, the company will be ensured that the company’s processes are streamlined and that no variation in rules and regulations will occur.

3)      The third position will be that of a Catering Director.  The company needs to be competitive and expand its catering division, as Heavenly Choices Choice’s competition in the catering industry.  Many hotels and banquet halls offer catering services so Heavenly Choices has to focus on setting the organization apart from everybody else to.  The focus of this position will allow the company to reap the rewards of events and the expansion of its demographic.

4)      The fourth position will be that of an Entry Inventory Clerk.  The clerk’s position will focus on maintaining the inventory for both the catering and baking segments.  Proper inventory levels are vital to ensuring all orders delivered on time without disruption.

5)      The fifth position will be that of Administrative Assistant.  This position will work directly for the Business Manager alleviating the burden of the clerical function of the position.  The Administrative Assistant will work will all company managers to ensure compliance met through the implementation of an order tracking system.


  • Training program to introduce and enhance the skills and qualifications of new and current employees.


The company will budget for next year funds to allow employees to attend training seminars administered through the American Management Association.  The training seminars offered are extensive and will allow the employees to enhance their skills.  As skills are enhanced, it will show in the employees work performance.

  • Methods for evaluating employee and team performance, including a progressive discipline process.  This section must cover each of the points discussed within the Learning Team assignment during Weeks Four and Five


The methods for evaluating employee and team performance will be through the goal setting process.  To understand better if the job evaluation process is working, we need to set milestones for each employee and each team to reach.  Once the goals are set, a three-month implementation period will be set up to review if the goals were reached.  By reviewing the progress quarterly, the company will be fully utilizing its job evaluation plan by evaluating the employee’s progress and allowing the employee to succeed.  When the employee reaches each milestone, he or she will receive the appropriate compensation.  The employee will work harder to reach the goals to receive the compensation and the company will reap the rewards of the employee’s efforts.

For those employees or teams who do not reach the goal(s) in the allotted period, a one-month extension will be added to allow the employee or team to reach the goal.  If the goal is not met after the additional 30-day period, the employee will be placed on probation for 45 days.  If during this 45-day period the employee or team still cannot reach the allotted goal(s), the employee(s) will be terminated.  This may sound harsh, but if after 155 days the employee cannot grasp the parameters of the job function, it will be in the company’s best interest to move on.

  • Challenges of Team Performance evaluation, including:
    • Differences between the two appraisal systems

The challenges can be eliminated if the procedures are properly explained, as knowledge is an employee’s best tool.  The differences between the two appraisals are minimal, as each individual must perform his or her function and when included in a team, the team manager will work with the team to ensure that all deadlines and goals are met.  If they are not, the team manager will have the authority to discipline the employee.  The team member will be given one week, unlike the 30-day extension given to the individual employee, to meet the team’s goals.  Again, if the employee cannot meet the goals, the employee will be placed on a 14- day probation period and if after that time the team member cannot reach the goal(s), the team member will be terminated.  The company must always allow for employee and team improvement but must always focus on the needs of the business first.

  • Difficulties of evaluating team performance

The team manager will advise of each individual team member’s performance alleviating any difficulty in the evaluation.  As stated above, goals will be set and expected to be met.  Managing and evaluating teams is not a difficult process and will not be made out to be a difficult process.

  • Unique needs of a team appraisal system

Employee appraisals for teams or individuals are similar.  The unique function of a team appraisal is that the entire team will be judged on the outcome of the team’s goals.  If one member fails the team, the whole team can miss deadlines and when deadlines are missed, the deadlines can cost the company in revenues and client base.  The company will ensure that proper guidelines are in place so that each team member understands how a team works and how the team will be evaluated.  When you measure your progress, you stay on track, you reach your target dates, and experience the exhilaration of achievement that spurs you on to continued effort required to reach your goals.  (Nikitina, 2010)

  • Team motivations and expectations

The main organizational motivation is to lead and allow the employees innovation and growth opportunities.  When individuals are given room to grow, whether individually or within a group, the results can be tenfold.  When leaders in innovative organizations allow for growth, there is no limit on what can be produced.  It is recommended to motivate the staff through monetary rewards.  When the employees are innovated, they are motivated.  When they are motivated, they produce and find ways to streamline the business through their innovation.  To reward the employees financially, will motivate them more.  Motivation also promotes competition.  When competition is present in a group, the goal is to excel and with the partners of innovation through motivation and financial rewards for reaching, the goals on time will only promote motivation.  When the goals are set for the team, the motivation process will begin.  If a member or members are not motivated, the team needs to understand why; but it could be crucial for the team to cater to the needs of an individual.  The goal of any team is to meet the team’s deadline, not address every issue of every member throughout the process.

  • Individual equity and how it impacts team performance

Individual equity affects team performance when team members feel he or she should be paid differently for doing the same job as another on the team.  By structuring the corporate pay scale, we can avoid individual equity and keep the performance focus on the team not the team member.

  • Strategies to discourage social loafing

To avoid social loafing, each team member will be advised that all members of the team will be rated by each other.  This strategy will assist in eliminating the “social loafing” aspect as each team member is also given a role of authority to advise the team manager if one’s performance level is high or sub-standard.

  • Individual employee responsibilities towards the team

            Each employee will have a key responsibility that will make the team operate smoothly.  Each team member will understand that his or her function is critical to the team’s success.  This strategy will allow the team to respect the goals and work toward the goals as individuals and together as a team.

  • Incentive and benefits packages

All employees will be offered an excellent benefits package that will consist of a health care benefit that includes dental and vision.  These benefits are being offered to allow the company to obtain the best employees and strive in excellence.  The company will provide health benefits to keep the employees and their families well.  The final strategic consideration is wellness.  Healthy and happy employees take less sick time and enjoy coming to work.

Wellness incentives will be implemented.  Employees will receive a quarterly monetary bonus for each quarter he or she did not use any sick time.  Employees, who remain tobacco free for one year, will receive a monetary bonus at the end of each year.  The company will promote wellness through its benefits and incentive programs.

  • Strategies for managing employees’ career development (promotion and educational opportunities, accommodations for diversity, etc.)

The company will promote from within when a qualified candidate presents him or herself for an open position.  The company will offer tuition reimbursement for company approved courses to allow the staff to grow.  The company is an equal opportunity employee and we hire the best candidates.  We promote diversity and make all accommodations for any employee who needs it. 

  • A fair and appropriate compensation plan

The company’s compensation plan is structured so that each job is in a category and within that category is a low and high salary amount.  The low amount is the entry-level amount and the high amount is where the salary will cap for a particular position.  The company’s compensation will be market based and be competitive.  To obtain the best, we must pay fair wages and in addition to our wages, the company’s benefit plan is truly comparable to our competitors at this time.  Increases will be conducted on an annual basis and a rating guide will be implemented to allow management to assess each employee.  Salary increases will be based on the evaluation grade the employee receives.

A comprehensive career development plan will lead Heavenly Choices to attract and retain high-performing employees.  The broad objective of the design of compensation programs (i.e., direct as well as indirect compensation) is to integrate salary and benefits into a package that will encourage the achievement of an organization’s goals. (Cascio, 2006)  Under its reconstructed organization plan, Heavenly Choices has crossed over to offer services in a new competitive industry.  People tend to be motivated when the fruits of their labor are recognized by the organization.  The comprehensive plan will take Heavenly Choices to the next level and allow the business to expand at rate that is controllable and attainable.






Cascio, W. (2006). Managing Human Resources: Production, Quality of Work Life, Profits (7th ed.).

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InterClean Career

InterClean Career Development Part IV:  Compensation Plan

InterClean has undergone many changes over the last few months.  The organization has successfully acquired EnviroTech and merged the two organizations together to focus on a new diverse industry and a new company vision.  The success of the new organization is strongly linked to its sales team and how well the team is able to earn and upkeep relationships with both current and future customers.  The competition in the new industry is stiff and requires a lot of work from the sales team.  The InterClean management team has concluded that the best way to engage the sales team is to ensure the compensation plan is top notch.  Employers that want to succeed in this increasingly competitive environment must have a well-designed compensation plan that motivates employees, controls compensation costs, and ensures equity.  (Expert Insight: Compensation Plan, 2010)  InterClean recognizes that an effective compensation plan will take into consideration applicable state and federal regulations, individual performance, and organizational performance and goal.

InterClean, as an organization will conduct job analysis, job evaluations, and job pricing to determine the proper compensation plan for the new sales team.  The job analysis analyzes and describes each position; the job evaluation takes the information gathered in the analysis and creates labor grades according to perceived job value.  The job-pricing step then assigns each grade a pay range that establishes a minimum, mid-point, and maximum for each pay grade.  There will also be a bonus scale created that looks at the dollar amount the sales team maintains on a periodic basis that will payout at these times of review.  The management team has also conducted research and concluded that the sales compensation plan that will attract, retain and motivate quality salespeople usually include some type of “income base”.  This is a minimum amount of compensation that the salesperson earns within a specified period.  An income base is provided in several ways, but the organization is proposing a non-recoverable draw.  This is a fixed amount of money that is paid within a specified period.  If the actual commissions earned during a period exceed the base amount, the salesperson is paid the difference.  However, if the actual commissions earned during the period do not equal or exceed the base amount, the salesperson will NOT owe the company the difference.  The slate is “wiped clean” at the beginning of the next period.  This will provide an advantage for the team especially during the training periods.

The compensation system will InterClean has chosen will work because it allows each member of the team to achieve equally.  The compensation plan will allow the employees to aim for specific goals and achieve higher performance.  Employee morale and job satisfaction are affected by comprehensive compensation package.  Sometime there is a balance that must be reached between the monetary value we are willing to pay and the sentiments of worth felt be the employee.  In an attempt to save money, we may opt to freeze salaries or salary levels at the expense of satisfaction and morale.  This compensation plan will be used as a reward once job performance has been evaluated.  Examples of such plans include bonuses, commissions, stock, and profit sharing, gain sharing.

The total rewards package offered by the organization will consist of several components that will encourage the employees to consistently aim for peak performance.  The main components of the total reward system for InterClean will be total compensation, benefits, and work-life balance.  The total compensation piece will be motivational for employees because it will offer pay that considers all aspects of employee performance.  The aspects considered will be the current industry market, employee knowledge, employee performance, employee stability, as well as the profitability of InterClean as a whole.  The benefits InterClean will offer their employees are medical and dental benefits, paid holidays, short term, long term benefits with buy-up options, workers compensation, and 401-K savings plans with company match.  Over 80 percent of companies include employee benefits as a part of their total rewards package to attract, retain, and motivate key talent.  (Duchon, 2010)

A comprehensive compensation plan will lead InterClean to attract and retain high-performing employees.  The broad objective of the design of compensation programs (i.e., direct as well as indirect compensation) is to integrate salary and benefits into a package that will encourage the achievement of an organization’s goals. (Cascio, 2006)  Under its reconstructed organization plan, InterClean has crossed over to offer services in a new competitive industry.  The success of the organization greatly depends on the achievements of its sales force.  People tend to be motivated when the fruits of their labor are recognized by the organization.




Cascio, W. (2006). Managing Human Resources: Production, Quality of Work Life, Profits (7th ed.).


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My Dream Career

My Dream Career
Cells in Green to be Filled out and completed by student
Now that you have a better idea of what your expected finances may be while you are in college, here’s an opportunity for you to look ahead to what your finances may be when you start your first job out of college.
The Money Sense presentation introduced FICA and his friends. You might reconsider your plans to spend your entire salary on new clothes, furniture, and a car. If you’re curious as to what your take-home pay will be, here’s an easy way to estimate your net or spendable income.
Step 1: Determine or estimate your annual gross salary for a starting position in your expected career field.  You can look this up at www.bls.gov/oco   $              120,000.00
FICA Rate 7.65%
Estimated FICA withholding  $                  9,180.00
Projected Tax Bracket 28%
Withholding as a percentage of Income 22.76%
Federal withholding  $                27,309.25
Step 2: Input your annual state withholding tax. Because state income tax rates vary, you will need to research the rate for your state. A 5% tax is used here as a default. Replace the 5% with the amount for your state. (If you live in a state with no income tax, replace the 5% with 0%). 5.00%
State tax withholding  $                  6,000.00
Estimated net annual income after taxes  $                77,510.75
Estimated net monthly income.  $                  6,459.23
Step 3: Total student loan amount I will be responsible for repaying upon leaving DeVry university.  This is the total amount of loan aid you are expecting to receive (Cell G62, My Estimated Costs), multiplied by the number of years you plan to attend (Dropdown, My Estimated Costs).  $                               -
Repayment Plan Standard Extended Graduated Income Sensitive Income Based
Total Paid AGI: $120,000
Interest Paid
Step 4: Estimated Monthly Payment
Step 5: Total Monthly Expenditures  (Sum of your expenses in My Budget less Standard Payment Plan payment) ($2,710.00) ($2,710.00) ($2,710.00) ($2,710.00) ($2,710.00)
Step 6*:  $           3,749.23  N/A  $                   3,749.23  $                    3,749.23  $                  3,749.23
*If your Ending Balance is highlighted yellow, you need to reevaluate you’re My Budget to identify areas where unnecessary spending can be reduced.

Biofuels are starting


            Biofuels are starting to become more and more popular, especially with people wanting to better our earth and environment. The good thing about biofuels is that there quite a few different types of fuels related to biofuel. Bioethanol is an alcohol that is made by fermenting parts of sugar of plant materials, that bioethanol is overall made from sugar and starch crops. We already have some vehicles and I know Shell gas station serves Ethanol. Some of the new Chevrolet Suburban’s have made them run on E-85 ethanol and is supposed to be cleaner for the environment as well.

Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils, animal fats or recycled greases. We have a lot of restaurants and businesses, that use a lot of those products and we could recycle all of their vegetable oil, animal fats and grease. McDonald’s is one business that comes to mind, that uses a lot of those resources and would be a good provider for biofuels. Biodiesel is more commonly popular over in Europe.

They have found that some people seem to think that because biofuel is made with corn, a.k.a Ethanol. Due to the use of having to make ethanol it has made the price in food rise. The U.S.A uses about 25% of its entire corn for ethanol and biofuels. Which is why scientists are working on making a biofuel for vehicles to run on plants and that would be even better for the environment. Also due to the constant use of water to make Ethanol, scientists have said that 37 states will have a water shortage by 2013.

Some of the things that seem to be good and effective of biofuels is that it helps with the green house gas emissions. It helps with pollution in the air, it would help with our economy, because it would bring more jobs to Americans. So, we wouldn’t have to be so dependent on foreign countries. Although there are some problems with biofuels right now and that is biodiesel and ethanol are made from oils from plants and edible crop field, so does that mean more competition for part of our food supply, with food or plant oil. Also with how much biodiesel and ethanol we are pumping out right now, the crops can’t keep up with the demand. Also it means we are sacrificing part of our food supply to the country. From what I have found it seems that at the moment, they are just talking about making crops that are specifically for biofuel, they would make them bigger. There has been some new reports with scientists working on making biofuel with Algae, Jatropha, Biocrops, or camalina.  These different types of choices for biofuel, would seem to better benefit our country. I would say the Camalina, would be the best choice for biofuel, because it uses less water or fertilizer.

Biofuels have become an economic alternative to fossil fuels and with advances in technology and the scaling up of production, their price of a gallon will continue to decrease. Oil looks like it is going to maintain its current high prices well into the future, due to the exhaustion of many existing fields, strong demand from developing economies such as India and China, and security concerns which are unlikely to go away. Given these long-term trends, without investment in biofuel technology we actually risk our economies being crippled by sky-high fuel costs, for example if oil prices head up over $100 a barrel. Some subsidies to this investment seem highly justified, especially as they can replace existing agricultural support payments, rather than being additional money.
Biofuels are also a sensible bridge to a greener future, allowing us to develop a better/cleaner future without unbearable economic or social cost. Unlike alternatives such as hydrogen fuel cells, biofuels do not need a completely different infrastructure to be widely adopted.

Microalgae are single-celled photo synthesizers. They make certain fats that can be converted into biodiesel or jet fuel in only a few basic steps. The organisms have become a favorite in the renewable energy sector. On January 14 the U.S. Department of Energy announced they had made an investment of about  44 million in efforts to commercialize algae-based fuels, and last summer even ExxonMobil,  jumped onto the band-pontoon, announcing a partnership with scientist Craig Venter’s Synthetic Genomics Inc. to develop algae as a fuel source. It still seems that making biofuel out of algae is maybe a few years away at least, before it becomes on the market, just like how ethanol is here in Missouri. Making biofuels out of algae would be a great way to be able to cut back on money spent on oil and fuel in America. Also it would help change some peoples mine with biofuels and how right now we are taking food away from the U.S food supply due to heavy use to make ethanol. Also with the help of biofuel made from algae, it would be domestic and not foreign and would have less foreign trading, which would be able to save America some money that way as well. The money that was spent on buying foreign oil could be put back or used for something else and would maybe be able to help get America out of debt. The biofuels would be a good way to help benefit our country in quite a few ways, more than oil right now. Also biofuels would be cheaper by the barrel compared to our basic oil prices, America is paying know.


“Biofuel Production | Information on the Bio Fuel Production Process.” Biofuels | What Are Bio Fuels and How Are Biofuels Made. 2009. Web. 08 Dec. 2010. <http://www.biofuels.co.uk/biofuelproduction/>

Biofuel Guide – Ethanol and Biodiesel as Alternative Energy. 17 Feb. 2008. Web. 08 Dec. 2010. <http://biofuelguide.net/>.

Hermann, William. “Arizona Set to Become Center for Algae-based, Biofuel Industry.” Arizona Local News – Phoenix Arizona News – Phoenix Breaking News – Azcentral.com. 27 Aug. 2010. Web. 08 Dec. 2010. <http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/news/articles/2010/08/27/20100827arizona-biofuel-industry-research.html>.

“Biofuels – The New York Times.” The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. 08 Dec. 2010. Web. 08 Dec. 2010. <http://www.nytimes.com/info/biofuels/>.

2000, By. “Biofuels: Journey to Forever – How to Make Your Own Clean-burning Biofuel.” Journey to Forever: Hong Kong to Cape Town Overland – An Adventure in Environment and Development, Join Us on the Internet, All Welcome, Participation, Online Education, School Projects, Free of Charge. Web. 08 Dec. 2010. <http://journeytoforever.org/biofuel.html>.

“Area Digest: $235,000 Grant to Help Bieber Buy Biofuel Buses.” Berks County News Reading Eagle Newspaper. 8 Dec. 2010. Web. 08 Dec. 2010. <http://readingeagle.com/article.aspx?id=270333>.






Smith, Inc. carries six


  1. Smith, Inc. carries six items in inventory. (6 points)
Item Annual usage Cost per unit
FF 2,000 $7.00
HH 500 $8.00
KK 9,000 $3.00
LL 5,000 $6.00
PP 3,000 $4.00
VV 6,000 $3.50


  1. Using the information above, determine which one of the six items would be classified as the “A” item.




  1. How would Smith use this information to manage and control the inventory? That is, what is the purpose of an ABC analysis?





  1. Blonde Typist is a nationwide franchise with centralized ordering of supplies.       Each week the organization uses 500 cartons of Liquid Paper, which cost $12.00 per carton. Due to a contract with an office supply store, the cost of placing an order is only $5.00. The main offices are in a high rent urban area, so annual holding costs are estimated at $0.75 per carton.


  1. How many cartons of Liquid Paper should the Blonde order? (6 points)




  1. On average how many cartons of Liquid Paper will BT have on hand? (2 points)


  1. I love a bargain. (4 points)


    1. From an operations perspective, give two reasons an organization would offer a quantity discount, besides to reduce their inventory. (Note that selling more products is a marketing issue.)


  1. ______________________________________________________


  1. ______________________________________________________



    1. Why would you buy at the lower quantity and not take advantage of the quantity discount?






  1. Since demand for products and services fluctuate, we may implement strategies for adjusting capacity to meet demand or we may have strategies to manage the demand. Give two examples of each. (4 points)


    1. Strategies for adjusting capacity to meet demand





    1. Strategies for managing demand








  1. In class we discussed five extensions or special cases for the basic linear programming model we used for homework. Name one of these extensions and briefly describe how it is applied/used or how it  (3 points)








  1. The Copperfield Mining Company owns two mines, which produce three grades of ore: high, medium, and low. The company has a contract to supply a smelting company with 12 tons of high-grade ore, 8 tons of medium-grade ore, and 24 tons of low-grade ore. Each mine produces a certain amount of each type of ore each hour of its operation. The company has developed the following linear programming model to determine the number of hours to operate each mine (x and y) so that contracted obligations can be met at the lowest cost.

Min 200x  +  160y  (cost, $)


Subject to:

6x + 2y >= 12 (high-grade ore tons)

2x  + 2y >= 8 (medium-grade ore tons)

4x  + 12y >= 24 (low-grade ore tons)


x  >= 0 ; y >= 0


This problem is solved on the attached page using Solver. Answer the questions below based on the information above and the attached spreadsheet.


  1. Cell F11 has an equation in it. What is the equation in cell format? (2 points)





  1. Is column G slack or surplus? Explain your answer. (3 points)




  1. In the formulation above, I have non-negativity constraints. How would they be indicated to Solver? (3 points)





  1. Give the three contract constraints as they would be entered into Solver in cell format. (2 points)


Cell                   Relationship                       Cell


____                 ____                                    ____


____                  ____                                   ____


____                  ____                                   ____

  1. Assessment










  1. Define, compare, and contrast ERP (defining the acronym) and supply chain management.  (7 points)







































  1. A product structure tree for a kitchen set is on the attached sheet. We wish to ship 100 kitchen sets in 60 hours from now. (6 points)


    1. How many 1” screws should be ordered? __________________________


    1. When should we start to produce the bases? ________________________
  1. When an organization implements a just-in-time system, they reduce the number of units ordered and held in inventory, which reduces the holding cost. But according to the EOQ model, just reducing the number of units ordered will increase total cost. What other things must a company do when implementing just-in-time to ensure that total cost does not increase? (5 points)













  1. Consistent with your definition given above, briefly define three (3) of the following concepts in terms of how they apply to lean production. If the term is an acronym, also define the letters. (9 points)


Muda                     SMED                   Poka-yokes

Jidoka                         TPM                        5S




  1.                                     i.





  1.                                   ii.





  1.                                  iii.








  1. The Regional Grocery Chain Pharmacy (RGCP) has three cash registers for check-out. The manger has determined that customers arrive at RGCP at the rate of one every minute. It takes two  minutes on average to check-out a customer, but the variation in check-out times indicates an exponential distribution. How would you analyze the performance of this system? (8 points)


  1. What waiting line (queuing) model would you use for this system?




  1. Why would it be appropriate to assume the arrivals follow a Poisson distribution?






  1. If we use hours as the time unit in our mathematical model, what would you enter for the arrival rate?




  1. If we use hours as the time unit in our mathematical model, what would you enter for the service rate (in the mathematical models or the templates we used in class)?




  1. A service system has been analyzed on the attached sheet. Answer the following questions based on these inputs and results.


  1. On average, how many people are waiting in line? (2 points)




  1. On how average, how many minutes will a person wait in line before being served? (2 points)



  1. What percent of the time is the server busy? (2 points)




  1. What is the probability that more than 2 people are in line? (3 points)




  1. Jane has six chapters on her desk that must be typed and proofed. Jane does the typing and the author does the proofing. Some chapters are easy and others are more difficult. The estimated time in minutes for each activity is given below.




Typing Proofing
1 20 45
2 40 45
3 75 35
4 30 20
5 30 25
6 15 55
  1. Use Johnson’s Rule to determine a sequence for these jobs. (4 points)


___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___


  1. What is the advantage, benefit, or maximized performance objective for processing these jobs using the sequence determined by Johnson’s Rule? (2 points)







  1. Compare and contrast, discussing advantages and disadvantages, the SPT, FCFS, and DDATE sequencing rules. In your discussion, define the acronyms. You discussion should show that you understand various scheduling performance objectives.  (6 points)


Nagarro latest free


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We are headquartered in the US with subsidiaries in India, Germany, Sweden and Mexico, and affiliates in Austria, Denmark, Switzerland and the UK. Nagarro is proud to be a part of the Allgeier group [Frankfurt: AEI].

In India, the Nagarro Development Center attracts, hires and retains the country’s best engineers. Nagarro India is ranked among the nation’s “Top 10 IT Employers” by DataQuest and among the Top 5 “Exciting Emerging Companies to Work For” by NASSCOM, the Indian IT association.

Nagarro Company Overview

Nagarro provides technology services that address the complex business needs of its clients. Through a unique combination of domain knowledge and engineering expertise, Nagarro helps meet the strategic goals of companies ranging from early stage ventures to Global 1000 market leaders. Nagarro’s proven methodology combines specialized technical skills with Projistics™, a proprietary project management tool, to ensure quality, security and control in distributed development environments.

Company Facts
Founded in 1996
Headquartered in San Jose, California with offices in New York, Chicago, Mexico, India, Sweden and Germany

Industry Expertise

Nagarro’s experience in manufacturing extends beyond software to include expertise in process analysis, planning, scheduling and optimization. Nagarro serves as a strategic partner to recognized global leaders in consumer and industrial manufacturing, working to maximize profitability for some of the most complex manufacturing processes in the world. Nagarro also brings significant expertise in supply chain management to design innovative solutions to meet client needs. In addition to making recommendations that drive critical business decisions, Nagarro provides all the technology and skills required to implement these systems quickly and effectively. Nagarro has helped manufacturing customers reduce inventory, improve quality and shorten new product introduction timelines resulting in millions of dollars in savings.

Nagarro provides specialized software solutions to multi-billion dollar global pharmaceutical companies to help them comply with constantly-changing, complex industry, federal and international regulations. Nagarro’s experience includes first-hand knowledge of key laboratory information management systems used to collect data from thousands of test subjects in multiple locations over multi-year project timelines. Nagarro helps synchronize this data and develop systems that provide accurate data analysis and reporting in the US and abroad, avoiding errors that could result in costly fines and delays. Identifying critical problems in drug development within the early stages of clinical trials has provided cost savings of millions of dollars, as similar problems in later testing stages can cost ten times as much to correct.

Nagarro provides comprehensive product engineering services for ISVs ranging from early-stage startups to billion dollar product companies. Nagarro’s services encompass the entire product development lifecycle from helping software companies translate their vision into detailed requirements to design, development, testing, implementation and support. Nagarro provides high quality business analysts, architects and engineers combined with robust processes to help clients reduce cost and time to market while increasing quality and efficiency.

About Projistics ™
Projistics™ (http://www.projistics.com) is a proprietary project management tool developed by Nagarro to facilitate the company’s global delivery model. Projistics provides distributed teams an integrated view of all aspects of the project lifecycle, from planning to execution. Projistics is a web-based application that is licensed by organizations worldwide, and can be accessed by Nagarro and its clients to obtain real time access to live projects. By providing Projistics’ integrated project management tools as a part of its services, Nagarro offers a high degree of project control to its clients. Projistics is also used to enhance collaboration and improve internal communication, ensuring an efficient and productive relationship between Nagarro and its customers.

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This course has taught me so much about my career plan and has brought me to understand the idea of what is important in my life. My life has many positives and negatives.

This course has taught me so much about my career plan and has brought me to understand the
idea of what is important in my life. My life has many positives and negatives. Most of the
highlights in my life has helped me to become more mature and into a responsible adult and have
taught me that I need to remain humble. Even though I have made mistakes they have helped
me grow and recognize the steps that I need to take to become a successful individual. In five
years I intend to be able, to gain and join the work force as soon as I get my degree. My career
plan begins with me setting career goal and objective. I have realized the different aspect of my
career and have determined the aspects that I am satisfied with the results and except the areas
that I need to change. The goals that I have set are consistent with the passion that I have for
success and it also fits within the time frame of where I see myself in the future. My career goals
are first and foremost getting my degree from University of Phoenix in Business Management
with a minor in Human Resource. I am determined to continue learning and growing within
certain organization and looking for the perfect job that will fit my needs. I also intend to maybe
one day open up my own business. At the end of my career, I would like to be recognized as
someone who is positive, a great leader and someone for peers to look up too. I realized that if
I want to accomplish all of my goals I would need to remain motivated and keep positive even
if I feel like I want to give up. To achieve these goals and complete my objective I would like
to graduate on time or even early if possible. I think I will be able to achieve my goals as long I
stay on task and remain focused. I am glad that I took this class because I have realized what I
need to do in order to become a good leader.


Future of Policing The two future trends in policing chosen were wearable computers and predictive policing. Concerning wearable computers, the Golden-i Bluetooth headset was chosen.

Future of Policing

The two future trends in policing chosen were wearable computers and predictive

policing. Concerning wearable computers, the Golden-i Bluetooth headset was chosen. The

Golden-i Bluetooth headset is made by Koplin Corporation. The Golden-i is a Bluetooth headset

that provides natural-speech-recognition interface for wireless remote control over a range of

devices including mobile phones, PCs, company networks, and wireless systems (Quick, 2009).

It is just like a computer with a processor, storage space, Bluetooth connection, a small virtual

display, usb port, a noise canceling microphone, thumb optical mouse, and speaker. The police

officer wearing the device would see a full 15-inch display when it is only one inch wide and

rests on a few of inches in front of the face below the eye. This device is much like wearing a

cell phone headset just a little bulkier. It does have a windows operating system so it is much

like a computer and can run office and other windows applications. There is also a micro SD slot

to expand the memory.

Hand free devices are a superior way to be in many situations, less accidents when on the

phone. The pros in using the devices that technology have made allow someone to flow better in

everyday life. The flexibility is great when using Golden-i Bluetooth headset with P.C. display

can be connected with a cell phone connection or WiFi. Golden – i provides digital information,

Internet services, and hands free access. Another pro is that it works with voice command and

be used almost anywhere. Police officers use the Golden-i as well; it can be used as a scanner

and camera. The pro in policing is it picks up plates number and run it and tell if the license is

suspended. The Golden-i will allow policing to flow smoothly, allowing the information to be

processed faster. The Golden- i is a product of Kopin, Inc with several partners, purchasing one

will cost only 2500 dollars.


I would not list many but computers definitely made lives easier. For the cons, I can’t

think of many but I think people have become over dependent on computers, I mean because

almost everything is on a computer, it can make people lazy. Nevertheless, the invention of

the computer was truly remarkable as it marked a new generation of technology development

for the world. Every area of law enforcement will benefit from hands-free, all-weather wireless

access to digital information; especially field personnel will find the Golden-i mobile computing

headset valuable. The device can bridge the communications and data sharing gaps between

current public safety agencies: Sheriff, Military, Fire, Police, Emergency Response services, and

Federal. Golden-i headset reports of computer virus attacks and hacking into the system has yet

to be reported, theses ‘are just a few cons that I noticed not mention. The impact to policing will

allow more and better service to communities and improve safety for officers.


The hardware is Motorola’s own Golden –i Bluetooth headset which is touch free and

includes a virtual reality screen in front of one eye. It is a complete, cable free computer with its

own processor, storage, connective speaker, and display. The Golden –i headset supplies a 15-

inch display, speech acknowledgment interface designed for a wireless remote control, to control

cell phones, computers, wireless systems, and company networks. The Golden –I headset joins

to another device over Wi-Fi, or cell phone, giving no hand contact to Internet services, transmit

programming, and digital data, complete color resolution coursing picture with Bluetooth 2.0. It

also has a speaker, dual DSP noise canceling microphones, and thumb optical mouse.

Predictive policing is obtaining information from different resources, examining it, and

making use of the outcome to predict, stop, and react successfully to potential crime (Pearsall,

2010). So instead of focusing on what is happening today the police officers can focus more on

what is going to happen and how it will happen and the result can be changed or not happen.


It helps to discover new or unfamiliar patterns of crime. Predictive policing makes use of the

original police methods for example, intelligence-led policing, area policing, and evidence-based

policing. If the original methods can be improved policing can become more effective since

financial resources keep going down. The information to be collected is from behavioral data,

social networks, and virtual environments, and different kinds of data collected about where,

when, how and what happened in a crime. By putting all this information together police officers

can figure out where the most crime is and a time frame of when they are happening so they can

put more officers in that area at those times to help prevent new crimes.

Predictive policing can be very useful; computers are used to find information in so

many areas. The pros in predictive policing will allow data in violent crimes to be viewed and

using the results to predict, avoid, and take action efficiently to potential crimes. Another pro is

it will take the vision off what happened to what will happen ahead of time. Charlie Beck, chief

of the Los Angeles Police Department says that the greatest benefit to predictive policing is the

discovery of new or previously unknown patterns and trends (Pearsall, 2010). Predictive policing

does not want to replace the old way of doing things, instead it gather information from the

problem, community, evidence, and other proven models and what has worked more effectively.

Predictive policing can be analyzed in a broad view to pen point hot spots so there can be more

patrolman in view for less crime in that area. Today predictive policing is used to locate crime in

the worst areas.


Predictive Policing refers to “any policing strategy or tactic that develops and uses

information and advanced analysis to inform forward-thinking crime prevention” (Morgan,

Predictive Policing Symposium: The Future of Prediction in Criminal Justice, 2009).


Predictive policing centers on putting together data and functions, bearing in mind all

information, new technology and investigation, connection to presentation and the capability to

adjust to any changes. Information Technology in policing utilizes five aspects by examining

employment and supply allocation, calculating time and place of potential occurrences based on

earlier criminal outlines, recognizing people of concern who may do the crime again, examining

predation examples and performing defenseless reviews, given that concurrent traffic control,

calculating greater than before illegal actions, signifying better places for random DUI

inspections. All relevant data must be captured and entered into the information system, from

walk-ins and 911 calls, through interviews, and final reports coming through the system. The

data must provide a clear of the area covered and its criminal trends.


Wal-Mart, for instance was educated on how to tell when a big weather incident is going

to happen, demand for three items increase bottled water, strawberry pop tarts and duct tape.

The thought is described as predictive policing and a few in policing think it has the prospective

to change law enforcement by permitting police to predict and avoid crime as an alternative of

taking action. Predictive policing essentially is getting information from different resources,

studying them, and using the information to predict. LAPD has established its own simple

models for investigating information that have aided the department in predicting and stopping

crime. Instead it make use of the values of difficulty oriented policing, evidence-based policing,

intelligence led policing, neighborhood policing, and other proven policing models. There are

two models of predictive policing reducing random gunfire in Richmond and code violations

and linking burglaries in Arlington, Texas. Members decided that precision and neighborhood

participation are important. Ultimately, the achievement of predictive policing end up being how

dependable it is, how unlike data resources are included and how all information are examined.


Analysts currently identify crime trends are using statistical data on arrest and 911 calls.

Leonardo Scott a former police chief of Corpus Christi, Texas, thinks the data gleaned from

observing social media will fundamentally alter the way communication assign patrols to certain