2 RUNNING HEADER: Demonstrative Communication When it comes to communication it is defined as “the process of sending and receiving messages.” Communication can be done in many ways such as verbal communication,

RUNNING HEADER: Demonstrative Communication

When it comes to communication it is defined as “the process of sending and receiving

messages.” Communication can be done in many ways such as verbal communication,

nonverbal, written and sometimes visual. Communication happens when two people

exchange thoughts or feeling. When someone uses verbal communication this is done by oral

communication as well written notes. People may choose to communicate using nonverbal

communication by using gestures and body languages. With technology continuing to advance

will most likely continue to use written communication that is done through emails and text


Demonstrative communication is the nonverbal and written communication and involves

such things a facial expression, tone of voice, and body language (livestrong.com). When

someone uses demonstrative communication normally consist of using nonverbal and unwritten

communication skills. When a person sends emails and text messages they are also using

demonstrative communication techniques. Some may even choose a combination of verbal

and demonstrative communication because one backs the other up. Although demonstrative

communication will be effective if its used on its own. When using nonverbal communication

many people may choose to use facial expression. For example, when you first meet someone

the tone in your voices and they way you carry yourself speaks volumes on the type on person

you are. When you first meet some one you can usually tell what type of person he/she are. You

should be able to tell if they’re friendly, mean an/or upset. A person should be able to tell what

some one else thinks about them by the nonverbal communication that they produce. If some

one is able to pick up on the nonverbal communication then they may be able to use that to their

advantage especially at a job interview or if your in a competition with some one else.

RUNNING HEADER: Demonstrative Communication

When a person uses demonstrative communication it allows that person to be able to use

self-expression. When you first meet some one you typically tend to judge that person on their

first impression. Just like the saying goes “your first impression is your last impression”. For

instance if your going to a job interview and a top level company and you go to the interview

in non-business clothing, you are giving your future employees and bad impression. They

may think that you don’t take anything serious because you did not take the time out to dress

appropriate for the job. Let say that you went to the interview dressed appropriate and you

walked in confident and sure in yourself, then the company fell more comfortable hiring you for

the job.

Demonstrative communication can also be ineffective it the gestures does not match the

facial expressions. When you choose to use hand gestures you need to be sure that the receiver

will understand what is being said. Hand gestures can be viewed as a good thing if it adds

anything in the conversation. Most of the time when people use hand gesture its because they

are nervous, this will take away from the conversation and could also show a lack of confidence.

While in the military we used a lot of hand gesture when vehicles needed to be moved, or if

you were on watch or patrol. When they guys are out in the field doing a mission hand gestures

could be the difference between life and death. The signals allow the guys to know whether of

not they need to fall back, advance, or cease-fire.

In conclusion, demonstrative communication can effective and ineffective it all

depends on how the message or the information is going to be received by the receiver. It also

depends on if the information is understood. When a person uses effective communication

involving the audience to be able to effectively deliver a message through communication.

Because verbal communication and non-verbal are so closely related, they could offer some

RUNNING HEADER: Demonstrative Communication

sense of understanding the communication process between two people. So when you have

a conversation with another individual you are not actually just talking you are effectively


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