ABSTRACT In this paper Richard will be discussing what the meaning of civil disorder and how other countries deal with it.


In this paper Richard will be discussing what the meaning of civil disorder and how other

countries deal with it. Richard will be talking about what happens when civil disorder happens

in the U.S. and how the police handle the situation and what they do to stop it from getting out

of control. Richard will show the differences in which other countries and the U.S. deal with this

growing problem.


Some of the examples of civil disorder that the United States has dealt with are Waco and

the many school shootings that have happened over the years. The U.S. first called it Operation

Garden Plot when they first started it then they changed it to Civil Disturbance Plan this plan is

in place for dealing with certain situations.

There are times when this plan will come into play an example is when someone to act on

some form of violence or civil disorder when a group of people either picket a business or try to

disrupt social order. In order to maintain order the United States must use the Civil Disturbance

Plan with this plan they can on the many different law enforcement agencies that we have like

the FBI, U.S. Marshalls, and in some cases the military to help the police maintain order.

The definition of civil disorder is not limited to violent crimes it also means such things

as natural disasters and national emergencies and they have even had to deal with crowded

events like some form of protest they can call the National Guard to deal with these types of

situations and maintain order.

During the 1970s the United States had to change the way they handle civil disorder

because of the antiwar demonstration that happened at Kent State where many of the

demonstrators were shot and killed by the National Guard due to the impact this had on the

nation people went on strike and schools to close temporarily. The U.S. was not prepared for this


type of civil unrest and was not sure how to deal with it at the time (Jerry Lewis, 1978).

There was another incident that happened in Waco, TX in 1993 where the ATF was

involved where David Davidian and his followers were held up for over fifty one days. The ATF

tried serving a search warrant on the compound to search for guns and ammo that was believed

to be on property. When they were denied permission to search the premises the ATF and

the FBI tried to take the compound and ended up in a gun battle where ten people were killed

including four agents from the ATF (Jon Roland, 1994).

Waco and Kent State were both tragedies that in most people believe the issues were not

thought out before the police and the military took the actions. This is why the government put

the plans that are in effect today to help prevent these types of problems and tragedies. When

there is a problem with civil disorder the police and government can use these two issues as a

training tool to help them in dealing with future problems.

Civil order control methods in other countries and how they compare to the United States

when I was comparing the many different countries the only country that treats its people civil

liberties equality is England. China does not have any civil liberties and they will arrest anyone

who protests and goes against what the government and what they believe is right.


In Saudi Arabia they are known for discrimination against women and anyone who

believes in a different religion that is not the same as what the government believes in they also

do not believe in gays. This country is lacking in dealing with any type of civil unrest. Saudi

Arabia also does not have a civil defense system, police department, or any type of medical

system which means this could cause problems with communications during any type of civil


The way to deal with civil disorder is to have a plan in place that can be used to help

prevent any type of riots and civil unrest this plan will help prevent any type of civil rights being

violated or the deaths of any of the protesters.

One thing that might help all over the world is to have the governments of the world get

together and share ideas on a plan that would be beneficial to all nations and would serve as a

model that everyone around the world would use and they would be able to help in training theirs

and other countries.

In conclusion many countries can learn from the many advancements the United States

has made in preventing civil disorder and this could be a model for other countries to follow

instead of treating people like they have no rights and will help prevent some of the issues that

are happening in the world today such as war or terrorism and the world might be a better place

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