Basic Information for Service and Equipment Providing a good description of the service and equipment needed for a business should give an idea of what the heart of the business is about (Baker & Baker, 2011).


Basic Information for Service and Equipment

Providing a good description of the service and equipment needed for a business

should give an idea of what the heart of the business is about (Baker & Baker, 2011).

Hopefully with the information provided, no additional questions will be raised. The

business that we will venture in this paper will be that of B & D Dental Suppliers, a

dental equipment distributor. There are many aspects that can be rewarding for this type

of business. The following questions will be answered within the body of this paper to

give a description of the service and equipment that applies: What the service specifically

provides; Why this service is different and/or special; What the equipment specifically

does; Why this equipment is different and/or special; Required training, if applicable; and

Regulatory requirements and/or impact, if any.

What the service specifically provides

B & D Dental Suppliers is aimed at providing major dental equipment lines and

supplies under one roof. Our overall goal is to provide dental offices with a functional,

beautiful office that is cost-efficient for lager and small practices. If a product is not

retained within our warehouse, we will gladly order the equipment or product and ship it

directly to the customer. At B & D Dental Suppliers, we are committed to customer


Why this service is different and/or special

B & D Dental Suppliers is special because we offer designers to dental offices

looking to renovate or change locations. The designers assist the dental office and

employees in reading the surrounding area so that their office culture fits the specific

environment for its patients. When equipment fails to function properly, we provide


service and support with knowledge and skills to get your dental office back up and

operating accordingly.

What the equipment specifically does

Since we are just starting out, most of our on-hand equipment is small such as

handpieces, sterilizers, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, etc. However, if large

equipment is what is needed, our warehouse contains items from chairs to cabinetry to

digital imaging. Our services and equipment strives to make the dental office a more

successful practice.

Why this equipment is different and/or special

As with all our equipment, it comes with trained professionals to properly install

and assist with any questions that may arise. This includes free service and installation

with a six months standard labor warranty. This means that should any problems arise in

the first six months of installation without excessive labor usage, we proudly service

them free of charge.

Required training, if applicable

In order to work for B & D Dental Suppliers, we carefully screen all applicants;

from the basic background check to criminal background checks to educational training

and experience. We want to ensure our customers that our experts have dental and

technical backgrounds to assist them in whatever questions arise. Our equipment

specialist will act as a liaison with a designer to cater to your dental office needs. All you

need do is explain your goals and requirements and they will create a plan to meet your

exact needs and specifications. All B & D Dental Suppliers’ employees have obtained

degrees or certifications in their specific field, whether it is our technicians, carpenters,


electricians, or engineers.

Regulatory requirements and/or impact

As per the FDA rules and regulations (2011), B & D Dental Supplies provides

customers with documentation of all products. This information includes:

Proposed labeling- Proposed labeling should be sufficient to describe the device,

its intended use, and the directions for its use.

Description of the device and its intended use- complete discussion of the

performance specifications and, when appropriate, detailed, labeled drawings of

the device.

Description of device design requirements- brief description of the device design


Identification of the risk analysis method- identify the risk analysis method(s) you

used to assess the risk profile in general, as well as the specific device’s design,

and the results of this analysis.

Discussion of the device characteristics- discuss the device characteristics that

address the risks identified in this class II special controls guidance document, as

well as any additional risks identified in your risk analysis.

Description of the performance aspects- a brief description of the test method(s)

you have used or intend to use to address each performance aspect


Reliance on standards- a statement that testing will be conducted and meet

specified acceptance criteria before the product is marketed

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