Business to Business Messages The communication process plays a very important role in business to business

Business to Business Messages


The communication process plays a very important role in business to business


relationships today. Communication is conveyed through many ways in which the sender of the


message passes a message down to the receiver. Whenever a business chooses to professionally


send a message or conduct deals with another business, the company sending the message should


only use the most effective (but efficient) way to get their message delivered. Technology is the


best option for business to business messages, especially because most messages in the business


world is conveyed virtually through email over the internet. This paper will analyze two business


to business messages using the communication process.


Professional communication skills are required in order for businesses to build reliable


relationships with other businesses. Having the ability to exchange accurate information and data


between two or more businesses creates a working environment that is more cohesive. Business


to business messages are used and exchanged between companies and organizations so that a


business’ day to day operation could operate smoothly and effectively. The completeness and


clarity of a professional message, along with a confirmation stating the message has been


received and understood the way the sender meant it to be understood, is considered as a


successful exchange in communication. The most convenient part of a business to business email


is that the sender of the message has the opportunity to send a message to more than one


recipient at the same time.


In the communication process, the sender of a message is an individual (or an


organization) that has some information that he or she wishes to share with another individual or


business. The communication process starts as soon as the source (the sender of the message)


Business to Business Messages 3


chooses their words, pictures, or symbols that they will later convey to the receiver of the


message. Since the perception from the receiver of the message is really what influences how the


message is received, it is important to select a communication marker that the receiver can relate


to. The actual communication process can sometimes be very complicated because its results


depend on how the receiver interprets it, and the actual meaning of the message. Sometimes the


message is not easily understood by the receiver, this is why having completeness and clarity in


a message plays a large part in how a message is prepared.


Here is an example of a message from one company asking to build and establish a working


relation to another company:


To: Moore’s Storage All, LLC.


From: Danielle Stout


Mac’s Moving Men


Date: May 20, 2013


Subject: Business Inquiry


Dear Sir or Madam,


We are a moving company for residents and businesses in Louisiana. We would like to introduce our services to you


so that we could possibly establish a working relationship for the future. Please feel free to visit us on the web at: to get a quick glimpse of our services.


Like I mentioned before, we are really interested in establishing a business relationship with your company. We


would like to possibly utilize your storage facilities in exchange for any of our services.


I hope to receive a rapid and sincere response on this matter. If there is anything else I could help you with, please


let me know.


Waiting for your quick response in this matter.




Danielle Stout


This email message was designed for one business (Mac’s Moving Men) to try and create


a successful business relationship with another company (Moore’s Storage All), and is


Business to Business Messages 4


considered as the purpose of the message. The sender of the message chose to give information


on the company before asking for a possible relationship in the future. The sender of the business


to business email gave the recipient of the message the option of deciding whether or not a


relationship becomes established between the two companies.


Here is an example of an unfavorable reply message from one business to another:


May 20, 2013


Danielle Stout


Mac’s Moving Men


13053 Oneal Road


Zachary, Louisiana 70811


Dear Danielle Stout,


I would first like to thank you for your recent inquiry on establishing a business relationship between Mac’s Moving


Men and Moore’s Storage All, LLC.


I regret to inform you that we are not interested in establishing a relationship with your company at this time due to


unfavorable responses about your company from very reputable sources.


Although our company is not interested in working with your country at this time, please feel free to utilize our


sources for any of our personal needs.


Very truly yours,


Johnathan Moore, Sr.


Moore’s Storage All, LLC.


Most of the time, it is important to put the most important information first in order to


capture the recipients attention (Roebuck, 2006). The email message above was organized and


it had a concise message that was delivered. The tone of the message was more straightforward


and less formal. The sender was able to send his emotion through the message without being too




Some of the various ways to conduct business to business communication includes:


business letters, video conferences, or through email. Using these three technologies in a


Business to Business Messages 5


business setting will provide a similarity in professionalism and proper etiquette in order to have


a clear and efficient in order to have a clean and efficient way of professionally communicating


with other businesses. Electronic mail (email) is conducted through using a computer, accessing


the internet, and sending messages from one (or multiple) recipient to another. The good thing


about emails is that whenever someone sends out an email, the recipient of the message has the


option of saving the email message for proof of acknowledgement or to keep on file for business


purposes. Emails can either be delivered as a memo, a document with an attachment, or as a




The communication process includes the sender, the environment of where the message


is created, the actual message, the technology that was used to create the message, the recipient


of the message, any noise associated, and the feedback received. The sender of the first message


was Danielle Stout from the company Mac’s Moving Men, and Johnathan Moore, Sr. was the


second sender (and the receiver from the first message) from the company Moore’s Storage All,


LLC. The environments from both messages were office settings, so the noise consisted of fax


machines, typing noises, telephones, and general conversation. The first message was created to


try and establish a relationship between two businesses, while the second message was created to


respond to the first message. The feedback that resulted from both messages yielded unfavorable


results because a business relationship was not established.



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