Communication Methods
















Communication Methods

Carmen M. Roman

Dr. Victor Villarreal

Managerial and Business Communication (MGT-505)

February 28, 2013






















Business communication is a tool that allows you to improve the performance of your entire organization with the common purpose to execute the organization’s strategy, reach its vision, and fulfill its mission.  It is an integral part in the daily operation of a business.  A clear communication channel within a business helps the organization carry out its activities effectively.   On the other hand poor communication will not only lead to poor performance but may also result to failure of the business enterprise. Business communication is wide and encompasses myriad areas, including but not limited to marketing, branding, customer relations, consumer behavior, advertising, public relations, corporate communication, community engagement, research & measurement, reputation management, interpersonal communication, employee engagement, online communication, and event management.The ubiquity of Internet and globalization has led to increase in online communication, which enables passage of visual and oral messages. The latest technology of cloud computing are being used to allow businesses to operate globally without sacrificing security or limiting user access.  This technology takes networking to a whole new level allowing companies to stored documents and programs in “virtual” drives or computers and accessed by any authorized user through ordinary Internet connections.Specific tools that can be used for communication include landline telephones, cellphones, smartphones, and fax machines; the lines between the devices are blurring.






First, choose five (5) different communication methods listed in Chapter 8 and identify an advantage and a disadvantage for each one.

            Communication is vital to effective business operations, and the modern technology of this century has actually become totally integrated in business communication interaction. The use of technology can be a great help to people in communicating by reducing the time from the process,but also can have theconsequences of reducing person-to-person interaction without the device as an intermediary.

The first method I chose was a newsletter. Employee newsletters can keep employees informed about new policies, products and awards.  Disadvantage writing newsletters are more expensive, time consuming to produce, labor intensive, etc., but print can deliver the goods where emailed newsletters fail miserably.Most employees do not believe everything that is on paper. The second is a memo. The advantage provides a permanent record of the messages that have been sent providing a permanent record of the messages for later review.The disadvantage written messages often take more time to compose, both because of their information-packed nature and the difficulty that many individuals have in composing such correspondence. The third method of communications would be meetings. Both employees and managers can attend meetings. The disadvantage would be employees feeling their time was wasted, especially if management has in their mind what they are going to do already. The fourth method I chose would be a telephone call.  The telephone is an inexpensive method, which allows one to transmit a message verbally and have the capability of transmitting vocal clues as to the message’s meaning (Mehrabian, 1972).  The disadvantage of a telephone call would be the person on the receiving end could be consumed and busy and not hear the message clearly. The fifth method would be face- to- face communication. Face-to-face communication has a significant level of interaction between sender and recipient, is considered the “richest” form of communication, because contains cues that add to the interpretation of the message exchange (P.196).  Diversity in the actual workforce present a challenge to face-to-face communication, making difficult decode facial expression and body language by the receiver.

For the following four (4) scenarios, decide which method would be most effective and justify your answer. Draft a form of communication for each.

1- One of your employees is constantly late, leaving food and drinks at the work station, and you are forced to address the situation.

2- You need to let all employees know about a company special event.

3- You hear from a friend that a client is about to sign a contract with one of yourpresent competitors.       

4- You have three bids on a piece of equipment and you need to get a managementdecision on purchasing.

            The most appropriate form of communication in scenario 1 would be face- to -face communication. The employee will be able to see my facial expressions and I will be able to see theirs. Nonverbal communication will be evident also in the employee and myself. Face to face meetings always are great to address a situation of this caliber. I will let the employee know that it has been recorded that you are late for work most days, and that I have to warn you to let you know that if you continue to be late I will have to take action. I would hope that you would begin to be on time for work. It has also been recorded that food and drinks that you consume are left behind at your workstation. Our office policies are that your workstation is not the place for food and drinks. That would be for the break room. I will place these incidents into your file folder.

            For scenario two I believe the best way to communicate would be to use a memo.  I will list several reasons why a memo would be the best solution. A lot of details are included in a memo such as the time, and description of the event. Employees can use the memo as a reminder of the information that they need to know.

From: Management

To: Employees of ABC Enterprises

Date: March 12, 2013

Subject: Retirement Party for Manager of Customer Services Department, Mr. John Doe

Dear: Employees from ABC Enterprises

With mixed feelings of joy and sadness, we announce the retirement of Mr. John Doe from the position of Manager of ABC Enterprises.   Mr. Doehas been an asset to the company for 30 years; he would be greatly missed by all the staff and generalpersonnel.You are heartily invited to attend the party given in honor of Mr. Doe on his retirement from ABC Enterprises.

The party will be held in our company banquet hall located on the 1st floor in room B214 near the front desk, on March 12, 2013 at 5:50 PM.  Please be our guest as we honor him.

Please RSVP to by March 2nd, 2013, before 2:00PM.


Tom Tomas

ABC Enterprises General Manager

Office: 703-723-1234

In scenario three, I would use the telephone. This assures me that the conversation is confidential, can make a counter offer or decide if I want to or not.  The conversation will go as follows:

Me: Hello Ms. Baker. How are you? Are you able to provide clarity on this issue for me?

Ms. Baker: Yes I am

Me: Are you planning to purchase oil from A&E Betts?

Ms. Baker: I am contemplating it yes.

Me: Can you tell me if the switches were a bit much for you?

Ms. Baker: No problems, but their prices are less expensive.

Me: Our product is not a rushed product but one that is of high quality.

Ms. Baker: Can you send me what you can offer by 12 a.m. CST tomorrow?

Me: I will send it by email today and mail you the offer also. Have a Great a Day!

Scenario four, I call for a meeting. We can all be in one place and make a sound decision the same day. Bids can be discussed and opened with everyone present. It will go in like matters and hand out a summary of the three bids.

_We are here to make a decision between the three bids on the acquisition of a heavy-duty tractor. John Dopey has them for the price of $50, 000, BrownSugar for $55,000 and Catepokey for $65,000. In the past we have worked with Catepokey and they have exceptional service even they are the highest price. We need to make a decision on which company we will purchase from. We usually make a decision later on, but we would need to make one right away. It will be entered the decision into the minutes.






New technologies are shaping the future of businesses. Internet technology has changed the collection and accessibility of knowledge. These tools are giving people new ways to communicate with each other and the outside world. The ability to communicate is still an essential skill and technology is a tool. Business leaders need to have the knowledge to incorporate the two successfully.

















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