Communication over

Communication over the internet is the most common way to interact with your friends and colleagues. It provides various options to connect with other people for example email, chat groups, MSN & yahoo messenger and other social websites. Over the period of time these applications gain more importance due to the availability of the internet. Most of the communication is done by text and symbols, communication needs time and involvement from both ends. Sometimes in formal communication you should use the proper grammar and punctuation.

Additionally, while communicating over the internet you should take special care because your personal information is open to strangers, sometimes which may cause some ethical issues. Be very careful while communicating with other people at first time, take time to know the person in detail be careful about other fraudulent activities, only share personal information with your best friends and be careful about what you are writing (Hlapanis, Kordaki and Dimitrakopoulou, 2006).

Moreover, communication over the internet may  cause some ethical issues which lead to the disclosure of personal information for some harmful papers , ambiguity and confusion. Furthermore ethnocentric also comes under the unethical behavior which shows  superiority to others and it makes others feel very down & inferior. Over the E communication ethnocentrism leads to false assumptions about the differences in culture and leads to the disruption of communication between humans. In the same way it is observed that ethnocentric behavior did not adopt the changes and innovation and leads to the harmful voluntary actions. These issues are creating very bad impact on the communication over the internet because now a days these unethical behaviors is highly rested all over the world (Herche, 1994).


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