Community Profile Social responsibility is the belief of people developing the responsibility toward the greater welfare of society.

Community Profile

Social responsibility is the belief of people developing the responsibility toward the

greater welfare of society. Each individual has his or her beliefs that determine what it means

to be socially responsible. Each individual team member has selected a community in which he

or she is familiar with for the use of defining social responsibility in each community. These

communities include Champaign, Truth or Consequences, Mountain View Crossing, Lyons,

and Lubbock. By reviewing the profiles of each community, the team can determine both their

differences and similarities as well as selecting the community that has the most effective social


Differences and Similarities

Because every community is different, each has a distinct quality that defines its

character. One difference between the communities presented by this team is through their

financial incomes that range anywhere from average to high. Age also can be seen as a

difference between these communities as these ages range between the mid-twenties to mid-

forties. Champaign is a town in Illinois home to the University of Illinois. The university houses

half of the countries Internet service. Lubbock is a town in Texas that serves as the home for

innovation and renewable energy sources.

Although differences are apparent within communities, similarities are present as well.

Truth or Consequences and Mountain View Crossing both show signs of respect. Even though

there may have been no mention of respect within the individual reports, there is no question that

respect is not present. Communities implement local festivities along with resident appreciation

days. The purpose behind these gatherings is so residents can become familiar with the people in

their community. Building a certain type of camaraderie is a result of this interaction. With this,

Community Profile

residents can become familiar with the different faces in the community, which can aid in the

prevention of crimes from individuals who reside within and those who do not.


Evaluation of the Effects of Socially Responsible Efforts

In Bonnie’s community of Lyons, Illinois, she shares that Meals on Wheels is a

significant community outreach to those less fortunate and in need of a life-sustaining meal.

Lyons also conducts food drives and hosts charitable giving and volunteerism.

Cody Martin describes that in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, an important social

event that honors the community’s heritage is its annual Fiesta, which began in 1950 and hosts a

parade consisting of local business and civic organizations displaying their goods and charitable


The community within the Mountain View Crossing apartment complex where Armando

lives, hosts an annual summer cook out where families can interact, strengthen their neighborly

relationships, and share in the morale and excitement that the summer months bring. Each tenant

also has a responsibility to his or her neighbors by keeping the noise to a minimum, and to be

respectful of the working and sleeping hours that each person has.

The town of Champaign, Illinois, according to Cody Meyer, prides itself as a “green”

community. Cody describes the streets present with recycling containers, charging ports for

electric cars, solar powered lights and “smart” buildings. He further reports that the citizens are

cognizant of doing their part by reducing the amount of power each uses, and tries to shop at the

local farmers market as much as possible.

As Mike reports, Lubbock, Texas is leading the way in the southern plains region of west

Texas in renewable energy and strives to serve as a corridor to the nation’s alternative energy

needs, primarily through research at the Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering

Community Profile

Research Center. Lubbock is also home to several other educational institutions that strive to

shape the nation’s future through education and health care development.


Most Effective Socially Responsible Efforts

Not only did the team look at what each community provides to its citizens but also what

its citizens provide to the community. The community most responsible is Lyons, Illinois, a

small town west of Chicago with a population exceeding 10,000 (, 2011).

The community of Lyons has many positives going for them like the local fire and police

departments that offer a service to inspect the homes of its citizens. The fire department checks

for any potential fire hazards, and the police will look for any potential threats to home security.

This ensures the safety of the local population, and also serves as a communication line within

the community.

In addition, this community holds annual events where the community can come together

and interact. Such examples are “Landmark Day,” “Family Day,” and “Movies in the Park”

(Lorence, 2011). The proceeds go back into the community, and provide an opportunity for the

citizens to come together and celebrate.

The community of Lyons also holds a monthly meeting for its elected officials where the

voters can attend (Lorence, 2011). Residents can interact with their elected officials and address

any concerns or opinions with their community.

Last, the community hosts “Meals on Wheels”; a program to bring meals to senior

citizens who cannot support themselves any longer. This program comes full circle – those who

volunteer their time will someday be recipients of the program in the community.

Even though Lyons, Illinois does well for its community, there is always room for

improvement. Because not everyone can attend its monthly meetings, one way for improvement

Community Profile

would be to record the meetings or post them live on the Internet through the city’s website.

This would allow people to more easily stay connected with their electorate.

The local fire and police departments could improve by hosting a safety fair. This would

be a more efficient way to educate the people and bring the community closer. These

departments could also incorporate a cookout for which the benefits could fund city projects.

Social responsibility is the belief of people acquiring the responsibility toward a greater

welfare of society. Each member of the team selected a community to profile in which he or she

is familiar with. Although the communities of Champaign, Truth or Consequences, Mountain

View Crossing, Lyons, and Lubbock have their differences, similarities are also apparent.

The main similarity in each community was the value in which each individual sought such

as respect. Ahead of the others as the most socially responsible was the community of Lyons,

Illinois. Four reasons were provided that identified the team’s choice of that community superior

to the others. Along with identifying the reasoning behind determining Lyons the most socially

responsible community, the team chose two examples for improvement.


Community Profile


Appendix A

Michael Gwin’s Community Profile

Community Profile

Located in the heart of the southern plains of west Texas, Lubbock is the regional center

for business and industry. Centrally located it provides easy access to the southwest, the Rocky

Mountains, and the Great Plains Region. Lubbock is nicknamed the “Hub City” for being the

educational and health care hub of the South Plains. Lubbock is the largest contiguous cotton-

growing region in the world and sits on top of the Ogailala Aquifer, one of the largest water

tables in the world.

From 2000-2008, the population of Lubbock grew 5.3%, to just below 265,000 and

growth is expected to continue for years to come. The average age of residents is less than 35

which bodes well for the future of Lubbock and the hope for growth and development for years

to come. The average income in Lubbock is slightly lower than that of the national average

but the cost of living is also lower than the national average for a city of its size and makes

an attractive place for career and raising a family. The mix of industry is also very diverse in

Lubbock. It is made up of agriculture, professional business, mining and construction, leisure

and hospitality, financial activity, and entertainment.

Exhibitions and programs reflect the diverse cultural characteristics of the region and

encourage interaction between artists a

nd the community. The Buddy Holly Center collects preserves and interprets artifacts

relevant to Lubbock’s most famous native son, Buddy Holly, as well as to other performing

artists and musicians of West Texas. Changing exhibitions in the visual arts provide an arena

Community Profile

for celebrating the technical virtuosity and creative talents of fine artists at work in a region

distinguished by vast distances and a rich tradition of creative resources.


Lubbock is also home to several fine educational and health institutions and continues

to shape the future of education and healthcare. Lubbock serves as the home to South

Plains College, Texas Tech University, Wayland Baptist University, and Lubbock Christian

University. Much fine advancement in health care takes place through the Covenant Health

System, Lubbock Heart Hospital and University Medical Center and each shape the growth and

development of physicians and researchers from all over the globe.

Lubbock also serves as the home for innovation and renewable energy sources and is

positioning itself the region as a corridor to the nation, primarily from research being done from

Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. The advancements

being made in the field of wind energy compliment the research being performed in the area of

the process of water desalination and solid rock fuels by the Texas Tech University Institute of

Environmental and Human Health.

Appendix B

Armando Mendoza’s Community Profile

The community within the Mountain View Crossing apartment complex is great. The

diversity can be seen throughout the complex. Each individual represents their personal customs

and culture very well. With all of the different personalities present, there has never been any

kind of conflict. The type of work each person does ranges from each individual. The community

has teachers, police officers, doctors and professional sports athletes. During the summer is when

all of these individuals really interact. The warm sunny days can bring joy to any person. Once

Community Profile

the pool opens up for the season, everyone’s spirit is high. Summer cook outs is the most popular

method for interaction. Friends and families usually share the meal that they have with others

that are nearby. The building mangers encourage this type of behavior. To bring community

morale up, the management holds a tenant appreciation day. This day consists of free breakfast

and lunch to those who are able to stop by. To get more neighbors involved, a scavenger game is

held with several winners throughout the day.

Every individual within the community holds a degree of responsibility. One example

is the level of noise coming from an apartment. After ten at night, a person is responsible for

lowering any loud music that they are playing. They have to be respectful for the neighbors

that are around them because nobody likes to be disturbed when trying to sleep. Several people

work different shifts throughout the work week. At times the four hours of sleep they can get is

important and would be comforting without having the person next door blasting their music.

Aside from individual responsibility, the community holds a responsibility to the

individuals. A positive atmosphere is an example of a responsibility. The community must

encourage and maintain a positive atmosphere for the members. Individuals are attracted to a

place that they feel would reflect their personality to some extent. For example, a happy family

of three would not feel welcomed in a community where they are being criticized because of

their religion. The community is responsible for demonstrating that any person is welcomed

regardless of race, gender and religion.

Social responsibilities are the active interaction of an individual or group within a

community. The interaction can either be just for the community or go farther and beyond

that. During Christmas, Mountain View Crossing collects used or new toy from their residents

as a donation. The management gives the toy over to the Toys For Tots organization. This


Community Profile

organization is run by the reservist of the United States Marine Corps. The Marines hand out the

collected toys to children who are less fortunate. The MVC residents that participate have always

given several toys for this cause. As a community they are coming together to give gifts to others

who are not able to receive the simple gifts that most individuals take for granted. Since the first

toy drive, the community holds a social responsibility to give to others who are less fortunate.


Appendix C

Cody Martin’s Community Profile

Truth or Consequences is a small town with the population of 7,021 people located in

southeast New Mexico (, 2011) . The people who live in the community have the

median age of 48 years old (, 2011. Many people move to the community after

retirement to experience the hot springs and feeling of small town environment. 65% of the

population is white American with the remaining 35% is Hispanic or other races (,

The residents of Truth or Consequences have a median income of $23, 042. This being

said there is only limited access to employment in the city with many seeking employment in its

neighboring city of Las Cruces (, 2011. The city has business such as banks, small

family shops, fast food restaurants, Dollar General and Walmart. The business employ most of

the residents leaving the remaining employed residents working at local mines and construction


Members of the community interact by visiting one another at the local stores or at the

local lake. The local stores are filled daily with residents doing their household shopping and

with the small population you have the ability at least bumping into one person you know. The

Community Profile

local lake which is five miles or so away is Elephant Butte Lake. The lake offers the residents

public swimming, boating, fishing and the use of recreational vehicles. The weekend can be

filled with thousands of people including some visitors of neighboring communities. The city

holds a festival ever year know as a fiesta with a different theme each year. The town has a

parade along with different competitions and local vendors selling items the whole weekend. The

fiesta began in 1950 when the game show named Truth of Consequences was holding a contest.

The town of Hot Springs, New Mexico won the contest and won the opportunity to change the

name to Truth Consequences. In memory of the event the town holds a fiesta every year.


The individual of the community of Truth or Consequences has responsibilities to

the community. The responsibilities of the residents of the community is to continue growth,

respect, and participation. The community, in order to bring opportunities to the community has

to allow change to promote growth. Growth of the community will allows more jobs and equity

in community to allow each individual benefit. Respect for the surroundings such as keeping the

town clean and removing unwanted activity is needed. Respect can go a long way in which

allows the community to remain in tact and be available for future generations. Participation in

local elections and use of city business will allow the community to seek comradery. The

community responsibilities to the individuals is to allow the utmost potential be sought and to

benefit the community in a way that allows a positive outcome to future transactions. As a

member of this community, to be socially responsible would to be to not interact in actions that

could cause the community harm along with performing in activities that promote the

community’s mission of comradery.

Appendix D

Community Profile


Cody Meyer’s Community Profile

Champaign, Illinois is not your typical rural town in the middle of Illinois. With a permanent

population of 65,815 (, 2011), Champaign is a bustling center for activity.

Over 40,000 student and faculty attend the local university, the University of Illinois, in addition

to another 100,000+ in local population from its twin neighbors Urbana and Savoy. Champaign

is often referred to as the silicon valley of the Midwest. The university houses half of the

countries internet services, as well as 13 corporate headquarters (, 2011).

In addition, Champaign has a higher employment rate than the national average, a higher

educated rate, and a smaller poverty rate. The median population is younger (25.3 years) and

less are married (, 2011). This all leads to a very dynamic city that wants

to be leading the charge into the 21st century.

Citizens of Champaign hold various jobs, ranging from Academia at the University of

Illinois or Parkland Community College, Healthcare at Carle Hospital (ranked in the nation’s top

100 hospitals), Hobbico (world’s largest hobby distributor) to manufacturing jobs such as Kraft

Cheese production plant.

Because of the large student population there are many festivals held year round.

Politicians pounce on the chance to show their face to the students, many whom will return to

Chicago and be a major influence in their voting electorate. World famous thinkers and speakers

are invited to give free public speeches at Foellinger Auditorium.

Community’s Responsibility to Citizens

Community Profile

The city of Champaign has a daunting task of keeping the 40,000 + student and faculty

safe as well as it’s tens of thousands of citizens. On any given weekend, over 200,000 people

may flock to the town to watch their beloved Illini play at the football or basketball stadium.

Safety for everyone is the city’s top priority because of the university.


The university boosts the largest Greek Fraternity system in the nation. Because of the

nature of fraternities and a campus town, there is much underage drinking that occurs. The

university hosts a drinking holiday called “Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day” or “Unofficial” for

short. Thousands of students from all over pour into the city to drink throughout the day. Safety

is a must for everyone involved in a campus town.

Citizen’s Responsibility to Champaign

Champaign likes to pride itself on being green. On the streets, you will find solar

powered recycle containers, electric car ports, solar powered lights, and smart buildings,

buildings that are carbon neutral. Citizens do their part to pitch in where they can, reduce the

power they use, and shop locally in the farmers markets. As a member of the community, I feel

its my civic duty to pitch in where I can.

Citizens here must also do their part to keep the community safe. It is encouraged to

report any suspicious activity immediately. The university powers half the countries internet, so

we have been listed as a prime target for terrorist activity. In addition, the university has a

nuclear physics lab that is under tight watch.

Community Profile

For all the safety concerns, however, Champaign is a very open town. The city boosts a

varied ethic background. The percentage of white citizens is lower here, and I generally find the

town tolerant of various religions. It is a citizen’s duty to provide open doors to its community.


All in all, I’m proud to belong to Champaign and I hope Champaign is proud that I

belong here.

Appendix E

Bonnie Lorence’s Community Profile

The community of Lyons, Illinois is a smaller community consisting of people from many

diverse backgrounds. Although the majority of the population is white, the community has

welcomed openly those of Hispanic, African American, Asian, American Indian, Hawaiian, and

other ethnic backgrounds. As of the 2010 census, the community’s population was in excess of

10 thousand individuals (, 2011). 72% of these individuals make up the

working class population and consist of mainly white-collar workers whose jobs include those

more designed toward clerical and administrative work. The other 28% make up the blue-collar

workers whose areas of employment include jobs consisting of manual labor.

Community’s Responsibility to Individuals

The community of Lyons, Illinois has a responsibility to the people who live there by

ensuring the safety and protection of them while providing a community clean and willing to

improve its standards alongside other community efforts. These responsibilities are achieved

through the police, fire, and public works departments along with its blight and beautification

committees. Both police and fire departments provide the community with protection services,

Community Profile

and individuals can aid in these efforts by requesting a representative come to his or her home

from one or both of these departments and provide tips for safety and fire protection. These

representatives help educate the community on fire hazards and protection along with how to

keep a home inaccessible to those who lead a life of crime.


Individual’s Responsibility to Community

Although the community holds a certain level of responsibility to the individual, the

individual also holds a certain responsibility to the community. Responsibility is a two-way

street and the success of a community is dependent on both party’s participation. One way an

individual in the community can be responsible is through voting. Every official within the

community of Lyons is an elected official who together are responsible for the concerns of the

community as well as the individuals who reside there. These responsibilities and concerns are

addressed at monthly meetings that anyone in the community can attend and be a part of. A

person’s attendance at these meetings ensures his or her voice will be heard and any concerns in

regard to the community are addressed before the board. An individual’s voicing capability may

often result in a change in policy(s) ensuring the safe responsible growth of the community.

Charitable donations and volunteering one’s time are other examples of how an

individual can be responsible to his or her community. Although various businesses, schools, and

churches through the year have food drives for local and surrounding shelters, the local “Meals

on Wheels” provides hot meals three times a day for its seniors restricted to their homes or who

cannot cook for themselves. Groups of volunteers within the community band together and

deliver these meals to those in need to ensure they remain as healthy as possible and continue to

be a valuable part of the community. Some of these volunteers have even assisted with those

elderly in areas of shopping, errand-running, or just friendly visits to keep him or her current on

Community Profile

community events.


How and Where Members Interact

The community of Lyons, Illinois has many annual events where its residents interact.

Some of these annual events include “landmark day,” “family day,” “movies in the park,” and

the ever popular car show hosted every father’s day. Present at any of these events is something

for everyone in the community to do regardless of age. Games are present for smaller children as

well as face painting or craft tables to keep each busy. During the summer months everyone can

gather in the park to watch a movie under the stars. Most are family-oriented so everyone can

enjoy them without worrying about vulgar language or improper story lines for those younger.

Landmark day is an event hosted around the community’s landmark, Hoffman Towers. This day

of fun-filled events proves to be a long one where there is no shortage of food or entertainment.

Most participants are willing to pay any fees associated with this event as every proceed goes

back into the community one way or another. Within this community there is no shortage of

how, where, and when its residents can interact.

What it Means to be Socially Responsible

Tiwari (2011), “The individual social responsibility includes the engagement of each

person towards the community where he lives, which can be expressed as an interest towards

what’s happening in the community as well as in the active participation in the solving of some

of the local problems” (Individual Social Responsibility, p. 3). A person can achieve social

responsibility in a number of ways depending on his or her belief and the willingness to voice or

act on those beliefs. Not everyone can actively participate in everything regarding his or her

community, but should do so in areas that he or she can. For this community, those who actively

participate seem to receive a satisfaction of becoming part of something bigger than just him or

Community Profile


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