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There has been a whirlwind of issues that have been discussed in the recent news. However, one has dominated above all the rest, and of course, it’s the Health Care Reform Bill passed by Barack Obama. This bill is a huge deal, because this bill, many feel ushers in a new era… For some a new era of hope and reformed health care, for others the start of Socialism in America.


Positive Uses of Theories:

Let’s look at some of the positives that the mass media is throwing out there. First many people are excited by the fact that now, under this law, pre-existing conditions are no longer the issue they once were. (Edenloft, 2010) “Discrimination of health insurance companies will be eliminated. No more pre-existing conditions clauses in health insurance contracts.” This is especially appealing to those with disabilities and nagging problems that would have otherwise had to wait a certain amount of time before they’d be eligible to receive treatment. Some, possibly never would have been able to receive treatment in the first place. Then there is the idea that the competition among health insurance companies would increase and cause lower overall costs. (Edenloft, 2010) “Stiff competition among health insurance firms will possibly result in much lower insurance costs and more quality health insurance products and services.” This is to be seen as a positive for everybody as the lower costs cause more savings that otherwise would have been spent on health care. Now it seems that it puts more money in the consumer’s pocket.

Negative Uses of Theories:

While Dems are sticking to their guns and saying the reform will cut overall costs, some media sources are saying otherwise. (Trumbull, 2010) “It is unclear whether such a reduction in the growth rate of [Medicare] spending could be achieved, and if so, whether it would be accomplished through greater efficiencies in the delivery of health care or through reductions in access to care or the quality of care” This has mainly been the opposition of the GOP and what seems to be a large portion of the American people. They imply that the bill has so many unknowns to it, that it is impossible to come away thinking it will cut costs. Republicans are up in arms over the bill debating most of the “fine print” (Atchison, 2010) “one of the things that it leaves in the fine print is the fact that most of the good things it has planned do not even kick in till 2014. Imagine getting all excited about this new coverage only to find out its four years down the line. That’s enough to make anyone feel, well sick! The Republicans will also be quick to point out to you that the bill and its programs are certainly not free.” They feel many are disillusioned by the fact that just because the bill has passed, it doesn’t mean its finer points are going to apply right away. Overall there is a sense that Dems used a little slight of hand in order to sway votes.


On a personal level, I feel a great distrust with Media and the Government in the way they force not only “popular opinion”, but also laws and various bills. This reform bill in my honest opinion is the first GIANT step toward becoming a socialist nation.


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