Hypothetical Working Agreement 3 “Freydia is a 27-year-old mother who has been using crack cocaine for 4 years. Her children, ages 7 and 9, have been removed from her care by Child Protective Services and are

Hypothetical Working Agreement


“Freydia is a 27-year-old mother who has been using crack cocaine for 4 years. Her

children, ages 7 and 9, have been removed from her care by Child Protective Services and are

currently living with her mother. Freydia comes to the drug program saying: “I want to get my

children back.” (Thomson Learning, 2003) Following through with many goals is what Freydia

is going to need to accomplish to fulfill the goal of getting her children back in her care. Freydia

has to first realize that this ordeal just did not happen overnight; four years of damage that she

is going to have to make right so she is able to have her babies in her care. Child Protective

Services is not going to return her kids to her just by going to a drug program. Freydia needs to

follow thru with all of her minor goals to reach her major goal of becoming a mom again if that

is what she is really looking for.

At 23 years of age, Freydia already had a 5 year old and a 3 year old and there are no

signs of a father figure. She has a mother that is well respected from the Child Protective

Services to be a good caregiver for Freydia’s children. With her crack cocaine habit for 4 years

her significant other probably left her because of her addiction; only Freydia is going to make

that visible when she decides to talk about this in therapy.

Seeing a counselor to talk about her addiction is going to show Social Services that she is

making an effort to come clean and make a mends with the problem she possesses. Rehab will

also have to be on her lists of goals; Freydia is going to have to be in detox so she is able to clean

her body of the crack cocaine in her system. Usually a treatment like this is 28 days where

someone will be going to classes on their additions, how to handle their peers and make a game

plan how they are going to continue with treatment after rehab is over with. The main point is

Hypothetical Working Agreement

not to go for rehab for 28 days and let them be on their own. Depending on how well she is

going to progress is how it will be determined when she is able to get her kids back.


While she is in rehab she will also learn to take care of herself and make a game plan on

how she is going to take care of her children. Freydia is going to have to plan on how she is

going to pay for her bills and how her children are going to be cared for when she is working.

Going through these steps are going to be difficult being a single parent, but she needs to know

that there is help out in her community; she is just going to have to make adjustments in her life

to be a better mother. Reaching out to Freydia on how to accomplish such scenarios are going to

be tough because she probably did not have that kind of help or balance before she got into the

crack cocaine habit.

Freydia is going to go thru a process of having to admit certain details that led her up to

her first hit of crack cocaine, they way she got introduced to the drug. Obviously from what has

been stated she was only an addict for four years but what led her to that area in her life when

she felt that she could do that to her body. Counseling sessions with her mother might benefit

her so she is able to hear from a family member’s point of view on how she might have gotten

off on the wrong foot to start such a horrific choice of destruction, I say that because that is what

happen when her children were taken away from her. If she was the type of person to go out at

night and her friend introduced her to that drug then she will have to come to terms that those

friends are not a good source in her lifestyle to come. Her children cannot be subjected to that

old lifestyle once she is out so she will either have to work on finding a new place to live to be

clear from the old lifestyle.

Hypothetical Working Agreement

Working on the whole living environment with trying to get her children back Freydia is

going to have to find a steady job and maintain it before she is able to get her children back with

her fulltime. Like I have stated before, this process is not going to happen overnight, but if she

does follow through with her goals she will be able to start off by visitation; supervised of coarse

seeing that she use to do the drugs when she did have control of her children’s welfare.

Depending on how long her goal of keeping a job and not missing any days is going to determine

the length and times she will be able to see them.


While she is in the process of working and finding a new place to live she is going to

make it a priority to have items that are essential for her children to live. Again the community

is there for help such as food pantries and toys for tots at Christmas time; this is when families

should take advantage of this help that is provided for them. Being proud and not taking

handouts are something that she will have to come to terms with if she is not the type that will

accept help. That is why she came to the drug program in the first place is to get help; help from

the community is just the icing on the cake to make her dream start to follow in her direction.

Freydia may feel the urge when times get rough for her to go out and want to take

another hit of that crack cocaine; in this case she needs to keep in touch with a sponsor to help

her. The sponsor is there to talk her up when she is feeling at her lowest, by building her up,

telling her that her kids are what is important not the drugs. Freydia needs to have someone that

she is able to listen why she is feeling the way she is; she could be feeling that this process is not

going to work in the end and that she will not be able to get to that point of getting her kids. The

sponsor will then reassure her that she is doing such a great job at that point and Child Protective

Services will not keep her children away if she is working hard at bettering herself and her

Hypothetical Working Agreement

lifestyle for them.


There is no doubt in my mind that Freydia is able to succeed in this time in her life and

she will overcome the lifestyle of crack cocaine so she can make a better life for her kids and

herself. Freydia has to remember to take this all step by step on not skipping any corners to

show the Child Protective Services that she is making the mean effort to make her life and her

children’s life a better place to live and be. She will have to conduct herself with her own

discipline to remind herself that she has to follow the rules by the book to be able to make that

number one goal for herself to get her kids from her mother’s house to her own living

arrangement. After she completes this course of action and follows her guidelines she will result

to a victorious everyday lifestyle for her and her children that she loves so much. Only Freydia

can make this work for herself, nobody can do it for her; she is the only one that can make this

dream of hers come true with the hard work and dedication.

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