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Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release

Knowing ones audience becomes significant whenever a company is dealing with the results of a disaster. In South America a Chilean copper mine disaster is one example of knowing the audience became a significant issue.

In a copper mine in Chile there was a terrible cave in that left 33 miners trapped 33 meters (1017 feet) below the surface.  The results of the company and their response to the cave in would distinguish how the world would see them. It is important that company representatives who release updates and information know their audience as they release updates. The audience the company will be reporting to will consist of news correspondence both local and foreign, and the miner’s families. Company representatives will have to keep the reputation and the company’s views intact; they will have to release information that will not always be in the company’s best interest.

With a disaster of this magnitude can only bring huge emotional distress for the 33 miners trapped underground and also the family members of those miners. In the early stages of the rescue the company would not have much information to give, but it is crucial that the company issue the family members as much data as possible. This early information would ease their suffering as they wait to receive any word on the fate of the miners. It is the company’s responsibility when a disaster of this magnitude happens that they keep family members informed every step of the rescue operation, before the media or news bulletin.

After family members those informed next would be company employees’ even though they were not directly involved with the collapse of the mine shaft they may know some of the victims trapped.  The company can lessen the stress of coworkers by keeping employees updated on the rescue process. Because news organization want nothing better than to discredit the company and blame them for the disaster it is in the company’s’ best interest to let employees and family members know what to release to media.

Because the company owned and operated mines in different parts of the world the disaster became part of the international stage that has a much larger audience that included the Internet, television, and news correspondence from around the globe. This much media coverage it would prove difficult to control any gossip true or not.

Company stockholders, owners, and investors became another audience that was not so open and is significant to the company holding back material from the media. If there was any disconcert, stockholders could sell of their shares and investors could pull out and leave the company in financial ruins. It is important to keep this audience informed to update information just like the families and not from the news bulletins to guarantee the company’s future. This information should be current and honest because if there is any indication of untruthfulness investors may decide to pull out.

There is two ways the company can communicate information from the company. One customary method is to issue the information to everyone a kind of blanket statement. A release to the media letting everyone know that everything in the company’s power is being done to rescue the trapped miners is in progress is an example of a general statement. Another method would be to address the specific needs of each group. Speaking with families and letting them know of any current communication from the victims still trapped is an example. The information that has been gathered the company should think through that data and let the appropriate crowd know first. In this situation the victim’s families is the right way to go they should be first when distributing any news they should not have to get from the media.

The appropriate channel to use when delivering such news to the victims families would be face-to-face conference. A face-to-face communication lets the family know that they are significant to the situation. The use of body language and tone of voice in a face-to-face conference can express sympathy and care so the person delivering the news must proceede in this way. The most difficult complication of the disaster the company soon found was dealing with the families.

First draft communication from the company to the families of the miners trapped. Today there was a cave-in at the San Jose copper mine where 33 miners were trapped at a depth of 300 meters. Rescuers are drilling holes in attempt to locate them, but there is no official confirmation about who is alive or dead, but we will keep the families updated as new information comes in. Estimated time for recovery of all miners is a month or more.

Second draft communication from the company to the media. Today there was a cave-in at the San Jose copper mine where 33 miners were trapped. The company and Chile government are using every available resources necessary to help rescue these men. Holes are being drilled to locate them and at this point it looks like it could take a month or more to reach them.

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