My homework for week

My homework for week one in MyMathLab is ready for grading on fractions and whole numbers.


Fractions: I chose the problems in criminal justice and medical because I am going for my degree in criminal justice and they are in many ways related to on another.

Criminal Justice:

Question 1: If you are allowed 4 out of 5 shots with a 15-round mag, this means you would have to hit 12 out of the 15 rounds in order to qualify. Therefore the smallest fraction that will represent this is 4/5.

Question 2: If you are given 2 5-round mags you would be able to miss 6 shots and still qualify. I came to this answer because if you can miss 3 with one 15-round mag then mutiplying this by 2 would make6. Simply put 2 mags *3 misses=6 misses. 2*3=6.

Question 3: If the weapon is 2 ½ feet from the north wall and 6 ¼ feet from the east wall but they need these measurements in inches rather than feet you have to convert them into such. To do this you have to remember that 1 foot = 12 inches.  So 2 ½ feet translates in to 30 inches. I came to this answer by multiplying 2.5 by 12 which comes out to 30. The measurement from the east wall is 6 ¼ which equals 75 inches. I came to this by following the same step first turning the number into decimal form and then multiplying it by 12. 6 ¼ =6.25. 6.25 * 12 = 75. So the weapon is 30 inches from the north wall and 75 inches from the east wall.

Question 3: to convert 30 inches back in to feet you simply divide it by 12 and convert it back to fraction form. 30/12=2.5 = 2 ½ feet. To convert 75 inches back into feet you do the same. 75/12=6.25 = 6 ¼ feet.



Question 1: In order to figure out how many gtts are in 2 ½ teaspoons you must first know that 60gtts is equal to 1 tsp.  First it is easier if you convert 2 ½ into 2.5 and then times it by 60 gtts to get the exact gtts in 2.5 tsp. 2.5 *60= 150 gtts. So there are 150 gtts in 2 ½ teaspoons of the medicine.

Question 2: If the prescription calls for 140 gtts and you need to know how many teaspoons this is you have to follow the same information knowing that 60 gtts is equal to 1 tsp. Instead of multiplying you are going to divide to get the proper dosage. Knowing that 60 gtts is equal to 1 tsp. we can see that 60 can go into 140 two times evenly with 1/3 left so your answer will be 2 1/3 tsp. rounding. 140/60=2.33 = 2 1/3.



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