People I Admire In the course of my life, I have encountered or witnessed a number of people who have affected my way of living in a number of ways.

People I Admire
In the course of my life, I have encountered or witnessed a number of people who have
affected my way of living in a number of ways. Their influence on my life is based on their
values, accomplishments, and personal characteristics. I am privileged to have been nurtured by
numerous teachers that I respect for their intelligence and patience. Many artists have inspired
me with their original creativity and talent. I regard a number of politicians as inspirations to my
life through social contributions and drive to change how we live. However, among all these,
three people stand out as the ones I admire the most.
The first person I admire is my father. As the lastborn in my family, it is typical that I
received more attention and care from my father. Growing up, I considered myself fortunate to
have a father since some of my friends and neighbors were without a father figure in their
backgrounds. This enabled me to appreciate him even more. In all aspects of my life, my father
has taken the role of pushing me towards excellence. I have always had a deep admiration for his
open mind, hardworking and understanding character. Above all, I admire his steadfast
conviction to achieve seemingly impossible goals. He always teaches that what I might spend
overnight building may be toppled in the morning, but still build it anyone.
The other person I have deep admiration for is Oprah Winfrey. My admiration for Ms.
Winfrey comes from her determination to achieve great feats despite having grown in a
particularly stereotypic society against great women. Oprah is also very informative on relevant
life aspects coming from her knack to venture into numerous fields in addition to being a global
humanitarian. Oprah is known to have had that determination of becoming great from her
childhood. When still a minor, she was molested consequently ruining her ability to have
children. However, such devastating and psychologically traumatizing news did not stop her
from graduating in high school and university specializing in speech and drama.
The third person who has my admiration is the former president of South Africa Nelson
Mandela. In today’s world many people have admiration for singers, actors and celebrities.
Though not a bad thing, I feel it is important to be influenced by important figures and
revolutionists such as Nelson Mandela. His life serves testament of a man who dedicated his fate
towards achieving good for humanity. Mandela was born at a time of apartheid rule that held
segregative rule in South Africa. Determined to achieve equality, he attempted to overthrow the
government regardless of what it would have cost him. Consequently, he served a prison
sentence of twenty-seven years. However, demonstrations and protests across the world
eventually led to his release. Mandela would go on to be elected president of South Africa, and
eventually put an end to minority rule.
I believe that life is about setting a good example for other people to admire and consider
following in the same footsteps. From the three people I have discussed, I believe that their traits
relate to what I stand in one way or another. Like my father and Oprah, I have values working
hard and achieving my goals and ambitions. Regardless of what comes my way, I still strive to
stay on track and not loose sight of what I stand for. Like Nelson Mandela, I believe in making
worthy sacrifices for the greater good. After all, people with ordinary values and ordinary lives
seldom receive admiration.

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