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The Persuasive Speech
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Joining the University is the chief time in the life of an individual whereby one can have new learning experiences which are more than just academics. It’s a time when one is able to know their true personality. Since college life is constituted by growing and developing, it’s evident that going to study abroad presents infinite opportunities and possibilities in line with fulfilling a student’s goals.
The chance to study abroad contributes positively to ones education, personal goals and even career. It is a great advantage in equipping students with the apparatus they need to raise their academic caliber and transform them into a better persons. Studying overseas will also increase the value of my Bachelors in Computer science degree. While I will be abroad, may gain a different academic perspective and interest in Computer Science. I shall be able to take courses in a multicultural environment which are not available here in Kenya. Since the world has become more globalized, employers are looking for employees with international experience and diverse skills, thus it will add more value to my degree, it will, therefore, enhance my future employment opportunities. Many large firms Such MIT and WAL-MART will help to enhance my portfolio. No matter what I opt to do with my experiences abroad, I am assured that there will be a plus to my professional and personal development hence it will make me a good Computer Scientist than I am.
As an African saying goes, “surround yourself with the people with the mission as yourself” I now want to be surrounded by people with the same goals as me of getting world-class education, and crystallizing it into something I am looking forward to. My ability to interact well with people from all walks of life and the fulfillment that comes with networking and helping people has made me who I am today.
First and foremost, students improve their language skills a lot while having their studies abroad. There’s no better teacher of a foreign language than the native speakers in a natural environment. Also learning programs also offer language lectures at the starters’ level and the advanced level. Students, also have the opportunity to expand their knowledge base about other cultures, ways of thinking, lifestyles and coping with different environment. Studying abroad opens up the student to thinking on a global level. Residing in another culture and knowing it is not just a learning experience, but also there is personal gain. The next priority is making new contacts and creating networks. Also, students create a huge network of friends apart from the host families and lecturers.
I have already chosen the United States of America for a reason. The reason is I would like to visit MIT which stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was formed in 1861 in due to the increasing industrialization in the United States of America. The institution provides the necessary technology and also has the capacity to provide the services I want in the Computer Science field.
I am scared of the immense potential in me that lies unexploited. I believe that with the right education, support and facilities will help me become a person who will change the swing of things in my neighborhood. I believe that the education and personal involvement in one of the world.
I am excited on going to study abroad and I am planning to gain a lot of experience from another culture. How the community works in comparison with here in Africa. Our lifestyle is very different from other countries in the world. The exposure gained from living in another culture, will teach me different traditional ways and norms of other people. Whilst I am doing my studies, I will also take in every new experience and learn that there more to life than what I was taught in Africa.
This is a lifetime chance. An opportunity presented and I won’t take chances. As a technology student, I want to make the best out of it. My participation in this program will build my professional profile and is going to get me a step closer to the accomplishment of my major goal; graduating. Having being in a global entity, it will boost my self-esteem and will help boost my professional goals like improving my communication skills, network creating ability, and leadership roles.

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