Persuasive Speech


I chose the topic about studying abroad because I believed it had a lot of content. Also, I wanted to express my point of view about studying abroad with the hope that my audience would agree with all or just part of the whole speech.
My introduction was effective. Mostly because I started off with a captivating topic sentence about the importance of joining higher institutions of learning. This would prepare the audience to hear more on the importance and easily agree with me on my topic about studying abroad. To establish credibility, I stated the important facts and also the advantages of having to study abroad.
By and large, I feel that my persuasive speech wasn’t the best. I feel that I should have been more organized and prepared so as to deliver the best and be in a position to persuade the audience. Though I was able to get the attention of the audience I could not sustain it although the speech.
In the conclusion I brought in positive energy, I projected my voice and used gestures. I also summarized the whole speech into one sentence which has the whole importance and purpose of the whole speech.
Though not fully, I managed to persuade my listeners to concur with me. During the speech, I observed that they were nodding in agreement and at times they even clapped. This is a clear indication that they were in agreement. My motivational appeals were effective mostly the logos appeal. Giving numbers and facts went along way in giving my audience tangible comparison to the facts given. I also used information that is at the disposal of almost everyone in order to set the foundation of the speech.
The rational appeals also went a long way in persuading my audience. I employed an approach known as convincing proof to help persuade my listeners. I gave an illustration of great leaders who went studying abroad and ended up being very useful and important people in their respective societies. Also, I used the second approach which is listing the benefits of a product or service. After listing and briefly explaining the importance of studying abroad, I could see the audience nodding in agreement. This approach mainly highlighted the benefits of studying abroad by the society and the individual student.
I never had any foreign citation the speech, but I had a specific outcome for the audience. I wanted them to concur with me under whatever costs. By using situational manipulation, I limited their options to almost none and had them to only agree with me. If I had the chance to do the speech all over again, I wouldn’t change the purpose of the speech I would only do more intensive research on the topic and work more on my delivering techniques. In contrast to my other speeches, this one was average and more manipulative.
In this speech, it wasn’t very dynamic though I decide to use cause and effect since cause and effect speeches are easier to write. This is because they show how something positive or negative can happen if you do something. So long as I had enough creditable sources, I really never had to do a lot of persuading since the truth is in the pudding.
People are usually more receptacle to what the speaker has to say in this case me. And inherently tend to incline lean to the positive side of the cause and effect technique. I have improved on my delivery techniques in the course of the semester by preparing well before hand and employing more use of gestures and more rational and emotional appeals. Also, I have included all the three emotional appeals in my speech, ethos, pathos and logos so that I can be able to at least appeal to all types of audiences. I have also been over the stage fright. This problem is now long gone.
My main strengths in the speech were the proper employment and use of the rational, emotional and motivational appeals, some of my weaknesses were in the delivery and organization of the speech.
The main areas that need improvement are on delivery; I need to be more composed and impose credibility to the audience that I know whatever I am saying. Also, organization is another point of concern, beforehand preparation of the speech will help boost my composure. I also have plans in motion to work on my ordering criterion. The order will help in the nice flow of the speech. Researching on the content is what I also take will advantage of. Rigorous research and brainstorming will go a long way in content development.

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