Phase 1 Discussion Board 2 Cultures are different not in just different countries, but also in the different regions of countries.

Phase 1 Discussion Board 2

Cultures are different not in just different countries, but also in the different regions of countries.  For example in the United States the citizens on the East Coast tend to have different ways than the citizens on the West Coast and so on. If we were to business in China there are many differences in the American and Chinese cultures.  China is the most populous country in the world. China is a communist country, which is ran by a president.  In 2010 China was the largest country for exporting goods. Education is important in China and is controlled by the communist party.  There is a nationwide system of public education system where nine years of schooling are compulsory.  Independent marriage based on mutual love and families life in which husband and wife are equal have become the main current in contemporary Chinese Society (Shan, 2013).

Things to know when conducting business in China… It is important to be formal when speaking to another individual, this shows respect.  The first person to enter a meeting room is the person to lead the meeting.  When exchanging business cards, hold out your card using both hands with the writing facing the recipient (China Window, 2012).  Meetings will typically start off with small talk; there is not a rush to get down to business.

For conducting business in China I would utilize the polycentric approach.  Polycentric means each subsidiary manages on a local basis. A local employee leads a subsidiary because headquarters’ managers are not considered to have adequate local knowledge (Treven, 2001). In other words we would hire citizens of China to run the China operations.  By doing this we are utilizing employees that are much more familiar with the national requirements of the customers and the local business trends. Language barriers would not be as strong of an issue using the polycentric management style.  As long as the manager put in place speaks both Chinese and English.  However, if necessary, immediate language courses would have to be implemented to train the necessary personnel to become multilingual.

There is an old saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” This saying really hits the point when discussing doing international business.  When you travel to another country to conduct business it is important to research and understand the ways of their business culture.  By doing this and preparing to travel you will increase your odds of not offending or destroying any valuable business relationships.

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