Professional Email Protocol In the professional world there are two kinds of electronic mail; the business electronic mailing, and the personal electronic mailing.

Professional Email Protocol

In the professional world there are two kinds of electronic mail; the business electronic

mailing, and the personal electronic mailing. When it comes to the business electronic mailings;

wither they are just a quick reminder of a meeting that is going on in a few hours or the monthly

stockholder report, the use of proper email protocol for business is a must no matter how well

you think you are minding your manners as you type.

In the article written by Dawn Rosenberg McKay about how to write professional electronic

mailings, she mentions seven different things to remember before hitting the send key. First,

is that when you are communicating with someone about anything that is work-related be

professional about it. Make sure that you mind your manners, unless the person you are sending

the electronic mailing to says it is alright to use just their first name always address them as

mister or madam or by their profession ( Dr., General, Sergeant). Be careful with how your

message sounds, of course you want to get your message across, however using the wrong words

can make you seem demanding or downright rude, be friendly and respectful. Make sure that

you get to the point in your electronic mailing, also do not forget any details that are important

and will help in getting the answers you are looking for. Of the tips discussed in the article I

think the one major tip that I am going to adapt into my computer medicated communication

is the not putting who it goes to in the address bar until I have proof read the whole message

and spell checked it. The one tip that I find really obvious is how you address someone in a

business electronic communication, the other tips I found useful in that no matter how well a

speller you are there is still going to be a mistake somewhere in the communication. I would not

say that I disagree with the tips just that some should be well known by business professionals.

Professional Email
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In part 11 of his book Michael Fielding mentions that in his definition of mass communication

that the transmission of messages to a wide audience. These messages are transmitted rapidly

and at a relatively low cost to the consumer. From this definition you can see that it covers five

important points.

1. That the audiences are large.

2. The audiences are undifferentiated, making it hard to know just who will get the message.

3. The message itself can be copied repeatedly.

4. Messages of any type are sent and received rapidly, however this all depends on the

speed of the server(s) being used.

5. That it does not cost much to the consumer.

The downside to this type of communication is that no matter the type of profession you in

there is always going to be someone there to control the messages through selection and editing,

only allowing certain parts to be read, seen or listened to.

In the end no matter how professional a person is when writing an email there is always going

to be that one person who does not respond to what is being asked promptly or professionally.

That the other person who is getting the email may take what is written the wrong way due to

not spellchecking or proofreading the message first. Also, some who hits the wrong button and

sends a personal message out with an emotion icon that they forgot to was there on the signature

line, but the one major thing everyone needs to remember is that before the message goes out

company/business wide a”gatekeeper” is going to read it and edit out what can and cannot be

said to the employees.

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