Several of the major

Several of the major developments of mass media in the 20th century included Morse code, newspapers, radios, telephone, and the television. As soon as Morse code was discovered, it became the quickest system to deliver a message across vast distances. A lot of people learned Morse code could be used to deliver such messages as a telegram. Later after discovering Morse code, the telephone was revealed. Using the telephone made it even easier to contact someone and talk to them instead of waiting for a response by means of Morse code telegram or by letter. Later on, this headed to the invention of cell phones. Previous to the invention of the television, was the radio. The radio was one of the highest forms of amusement. Lots of entertaining types of music were played on the radio, but it was mostly talk shows and stories that were delivered over the radio. Television is what has changed everything. In the beginning the television was black and white, and not possessed by the larger public; only individuals well off and with money could afford a television. As soon as the television became affordable for other families to have, it became a large source for receiving the news. For an extended period television programming was only offered by three major companies. Those companies included ABC, CBS, and NBC. Shortly after this discovery, arrived the invention of the colored television. Then later after this uncovering arose the discovery of the computer, which in the beginning was too big to fit into any household and was typically operated by government officials.

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