Shaping my relationship Accept and Confirm Others (Wood, 2010) I am on a diet and I ask my husband to help me stick to my diet.

Shaping my relationship


Accept and Confirm Others         (Wood, 2010)


I am on a diet and I ask my husband to help me stick to my diet. I will be doing well for a while then I might see things that I really would like to eat and he will tell me. “How you going to lose any weight if you keep eat like that. I will get mad but he always says why you ask me to help you if you not going to my listen to my advice?”  I will get mad and he would said you acting like a fat girl know that would make put down the junk food and don’t want to eat it anymore,  I realize he love me so much that is will do anything to help me stay on track. I have accepted what he have to say to keep me on track. If he did not care about me and our relationship he would let me just eat the junk food.

        Respect Diversity in Relationship             

When I started as a caregiver there was so much tension between me the patience and the mother because the child that I was giving care too could not talk so the first day I did not know what to do with him and his mother was watching me to see how I handle her son. As I time went on and I learned the child better if was no longer tension and me and the child had a bond where I could not do nothing unless I had him with me. And when I brought him home he would cry to go home with me.  As I build the relationship with the child I would thought the mother would be happy but she had the tension feeling back in the environment because mother started to get jealous of me and the her son relationship. I was only doing what come natural for me and that is bond with the child. But I did felt uncomfortable but I was not there for her I was there for the son.

Respond Constructively to Criticisms (Wood, 2010)

My mother called me one day as we were talking about everything she just start giving me constructively criticism.  At the time I was very confuse and thought that she was just being her evil self and I was getting upset and was about to take the defenses end, so when I hung her the phone I was really upset. As I sat and replayed the conversation over in my head why did my mother say all them harsh things and I did not do anything wrong to her but then reality start to hit me that she was not being harsh she was just pointing some things out to me that I did not realize about myself. And after that conversation I have changed a lot of thing that my mother says.




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