Small Team and Group Paper A team is a coordinated group of persons organized to work jointly to accomplish a specific or common goal. A group includes at least three people and even though all of the teams

Small Team and Group Paper

A team is a coordinated group of persons organized to work jointly to accomplish a
specific or common goal. A group includes at least three people and even though all of the teams
are small groups not all groups function as a team (Beebe, and Masterson, J. 2006). In a group
setting, possible that each member may have a different agenda or mission separate from one
another and each team member may have a different idea of what needs to be accomplished. A
team has individuals who work together to achieve a general task. Teams usually have clearly
defined team-member responsibilities and as fortunate to have been part of both a team and a
group I will describe my experiences, objectives, and goals. I will also describe the positive and
negative aspects that I encountered in both environments.
In High School I was a member of the Varsity basketball team and there main goal like
most Basketball teams were to win no matter what. This is accomplished my scoring as many
points as possible. In basketball everyone is assigned to a different task during a play, each task
compliments the other so if one person is not performing his or her task to the best of his or her
abilities the play will not succeed. Every player is key to the success of the no matter how small
the task is so it’s crucial that every member of the team knows what there are supposed to do and
when. Working as a team in this capacity takes a lot of practice and Camaraderie, team
members must have trust and faith in one another as well as an understanding that they will
follow through with the responsibilities assigned to them. Trust is established by investing a lot
time and effort together and learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. As a member of the
Basketball team we all felt the joys of winning and the aches of losing, we felt the pride in
accomplishing our goals as a unit and the shame of failing to work together. As I have suggested
we had our ups and downs with win’s and loses but what made the experience positive is we
won as a team and lost as a team. Each team member understood that if someone needed help
learning their position it was the responsibility of the team to help out as a team or individually
to make sure that each member new her duty and could perform it better than anyone else, for if
the team failed to take part to help the individual members the whole team effort would collapse
and this type of team unity that made it great to be part of a team effort.
On the other side of the spectrum it could also be painful to let your team members down,
when there is a break down in the individual team effort the whole team is affected. Making
mistakes can disrupt the positive flow of the team and even lead to being asked to leave the
team to Like a team a group is also formed with 3 or more individuals that put assembles for a
purpose but that purpose is less defined in a group and not everyone has to work for a common
cause (Beebe, and Masterson, J. 2006). Groups are sometimes formed so that individuals can
collaborate and share idea’s but not all for the same end result. Teams usually have a united
objective as for groups their goals or objectives may be individualistic or self-serving (Clark, A.
and Kashima, Y. 2007). I work for a large telecommunications company. There are many times
when projects come up with looming deadlines that need to be met, managers put us in groups
to accomplish different tasks, each group has a different objective and timeframe to meet for
that said task. The successful completion of each task is important to the overall end result of the
project but each member of the group can work independently to achieve their goal, as tech’s
some of us finished our jobs before the others and once we were done we can depart leaving the
others to finish their jobs on their own. There was no united effort to complete the job as a team
just many individual efforts, once each member completed his or her task it was not essential that
group member stay on the job site because they were no longer needed.


The positive part of this effort was that I could focus on my own responsibilities
and not worry about someone else’s and if someone else fell behind it did not affect me or my
work, each person was held accountable for his or her own individual duties. The downside I
saw with this type of group setting was a lack of cooperation from others, everyone was so
interested and focused on getting their own work done no one had time to assist anyone else nor
did anyone show any concern for helping others completed their work once her portions which
was complete. Both the team and small group efforts where effective for what they set up for but
I felt a lack of unity and family in the group setting, I also believe that in a work environment
which there is a deadline it’s advantageous for the group to work as a team in order to
effectively complete each task as quickly as possible, it would also be nice to see more people
come to each other’s assistance once their tasks were done, this type of team contribution can
also accelerate the process and prevent any unnecessary delays which in my line of business can
cost a company thousands of dollars. Although I’ve experienced both positive and negative
aspects of both team and group efforts I truly thought believed the lasting sense of pride that was
part of the team effort. This sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is what keeps me and
team’s technical abilities sharp and breaks up the monotony of working in the business for 11
years, if there is no pride or sense of accomplishment in one’s work all one has is just work.


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