What are the pros

What are the pros and cons of five sources of job candidates?

The benefit of using internal resource of job candidates includes understanding the applicant’s strengths and weakness, existing employees possibly more committed and execute and morale are high if employees seeks promotions and rewards for loyalty and capability. The cons of using internal resources of the organization  it includes the new candidates who apply for new jobs and they did not get the job because they are not enough capable of specific jobs. This is the waste of time because the organization Human resource manager knows who is the most suitable and capable candidate for the job. The internet is the biggest external source of and it has also advantages and disadvantages. The benefit of using the internet has quicker response if manager advertises the job openings and this is for a longer period of time and it is less cost effective method than any other way. The disadvantages of using the internet are that the fewer older people use internet so you may not get the potential candidate. The pros of using advertising in local papers are a cheaper option and best for the line and staff managers and the cons is by doing this you do not get the specialized applicants. Another source is using employment agency the pros is it saves your ample time and the con are some of employment agencies are really costly and some requires registering with an agency.

How, specifically, do equal employment laws apply to personnel recruiting activities? 

As a human resource manager or supervisor equal employment opportunity means you  give equal access to all existing jobs, trainings and promotional opportunities and offer similar benefits and services to every candidate. The manager must apply all policies and practices constantly to all applicants and staff in addition that do not distinguish between applicants or employees on the basis of race, color, nationality, religion, sex, physical and mental disability, any medical problems, marital status or age. In other words equal employment opportunity refers to the elimination of any personal activities  within the organization. An assenting measure is one feature that should be promoted by the Federal government to guarantee the equal employment all over the country. ion  The purpose of this affirmative action is to encourage the equality and highlight the effects of past discrimination in employment by target the outstanding efforts to attract the minorities and women. In addition to that manager should provide the detail of every aspect in the application form. The form must comply with equal employment opportunity in terms of education , other activities, notify in the case of emergency, membership in other organizations, physical handicaps and any criminal records. All these aspects should be mentioned clearly for every applicant and data provided by the applicants must be remain secret and not be leaked publicly.


What is the difference between reliability and validity? In what respects are they similar?

Validity refers to the something that is perfect. In some researches validity has linked with power and strength of the measurement or how much it will be done in a specific time. For example a psychological test is taken for the measurement of depression but it measures the level of happiness and has low validity. If something did not happen according to your expectations then it is not a valid thing.

Reliability mentions to the loyalty of something. For example every time you start your washing machine and you know washing is reliable because to some extent it cleans you cloths. Similarly, the research, the term is interchangeable with consistency. Trying to find out if a measurement is reliable, the researchers see if the measure is consistent with each iteration, a real or actual measurement, then it is always true is used.


Reliability and validity are two different things but somehow they are linked with each other. For instance when you are measuring something or test about specific concept the test should be reliable and must be valid as well. Reliability and validity both linked with honesty of something reliability may be dealing with the object, information or idea but validity is more explicitly refers to information that must be true and valid. The relationship between these two because they refer to ideas or information that is true. True and in fact can be established as reliable information, and accurate information can be valid.

Explain how you would go about validating a test. How can this information be useful to a manager?

The validation of test is the process that explains the linkage between candidate and its performance. It is a formal process that determines the how much candidate is capable of doing work. This process includes analyzing the job and mention the job specifications for candidates set the quantitative measurements for the successful candidates. The next stage chooses the test what would be right test for candidates. Afterwards mark the scores to the candidates’ performance and after that cross check the results and revalidate the markings. All this information is very helpful for the manager to keep the records for their performance and how they rewarded for their performances. It also helps the manager to vigilant employee selection however it is very difficult and costly process for many reasons. It also assists the manager in various decisions about their employees how them their reward about their performances. Furthermore it also makes easier for managing to do segregation between all employees in terms of age, sex, experiences and expertises etc. Now days test management plays a vital role in the success of organizations on a long term basis, it helps saves time and energy the management should peruse test on a regular basis to check and maintain the records of employee performances.

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