Workplace Motivation Paper Being able to keep motivated can be a hard task for anyone. Anyone can experience depression and doubt at any time, and this can prohibit someone from being motivated.

Workplace Motivation Paper

Being able to keep motivated can be a hard task for anyone. Anyone can experience

depression and doubt at any time, and this can prohibit someone from being motivated.

Motivation can be seen as an encouragement to help someone perform his or her task in

a better way. However, when there is no motivation, there can be no simple answer to the

problem. Discussed in this paper will be how strategies used for motivation can impact Spirit

Manufacturing, efforts of the organization to performance improvement, the resistance of

employees to productivity increases, the philosophy management uses for motivation, and two

theories of motivation and their implications.

The motivation of employees is influenced by the purpose of the organization in

which they work. The motivation will need to have the support of the management team. The

management team will have to aid the employees in becoming more effective and productive.

An employee can easily become frustrated when they have to work at a position where they

feel inadequate, or have failed at in the past. When these negative motivations are allowed to

continue, the effectiveness of the employees can decrease drastically. To help solve this problem,

management will need to show the employees that they care about the employees. “Motivating

and retaining employees requires strong leadership skills and effective management practices”

(Hinshelwood, n.d.). Spirit Manufacturing uses several different techniques for motivation such

as empowering employees, quality programs, employee benefits, and employee incentives. When

these tools are used correctly, the company is able to gain and retain a staff that is cooperative,

happy, motivated, and productive.

Workplace Motivation Paper

There are several companies, which have realized the loyalty of the employees and

employee satisfaction is not an organizational trait. This is only gained using excellent

leadership. To be able to keep employees, which are motivated, loyal, and satisfied, the

leadership of the organization has to managers that are strategic, strong, and involved with the

employees. Another important tool in motivation is proper training of the employees. Training

that is provided on a regular basis will help to prevent mistakes. If employees are made to

feel like they are respected and valued, they will be more motivated and involved within

the organization. Spirit has members of management that watch the employees and then the

employees are rewarded on their performance.

The productivity of the employees is an important aspect, when productivity increases

“employees are able to generate greater results without more people, more resources, more

money, more time, or more energy. The result is abundance for everyone” (The Institute for

Management Excellence, 2009). Employees can build a resistance to productivity increases if

they are being pressured by the management team, if the goals of the employees are different

from the goals of management, and if management yells at the employees. The above problems

can lead to conflict between the employees and management. For this reason, organizations

should hire employees that are qualified to be able to achieve increased productivity. This will

allow the organization to accomplish better results.

The success of Spirit Manufacturing is dependant on the leadership, inspiration, and

the vision of the members of management. The management at Spirit Manufacturing believes

that the loyalty of the employees is of the utmost importance. This loyalty is created through

the empowerment of the employees, benefits, training, and incentives. If the employees of an

organization are treated properly, they will treat the customers of the organization properly.

Workplace Motivation Paper

The customers in turn will continue to do business with the organization, and this will keep the

shareholders happy. Management has the task to finish projects with the aid of the employees

of the organization, by keeping them motivated. However, the practice of motivation and the

motivational theories can be difficult to comprehend, and discipline has to be used to apply these

theories correctly in the workplace.

The working environment that is provided for the employees by the members of

management will dictate the success of the organization. Employees that are motivated will be

happier, more productive, and will keep working for the organization longer. Managers have to

be able to understand the employees and know how to find what will motivate the employees.

Two theories of motivation that would be useful in Spirit Manufacturing would be Theory X and

Theory Y, established by Douglas McGregor. Theory X states that people are lazy and are not

interested in working. Theory Y states that people are cooperative, willing to work, and have a

commitment to their organization. If a management team works under theory X, then they will

be assuming that the employees need to be told what to do, and how to do their work. If a

management team works under theory Y, then they will be willing to let their employees have

freedom in making some decisions to complete certain task. Some of the people that work at

Spirit Manufacturing are good at thinking outside of the box, while other people only do what

they need to do to get by. At Spirit Manufacturing, some freedom is given to the employees to

make decisions, and management shows support for some of the ideas of the employees. The

management team of any organization should offer freedom to make decisions and be supportive

to the ideas of the employees. Employees should also be rewarded for their hard work and

dedication to the organization where they are employed. The reward system for the employees

should always be “aiming to satisfy the individual’s actual needs, not only lower level ones”

Workplace Motivation Paper

(Norwood, 2008). The management team of any organization should be able to recognize the

hard working employees in order to keep the employees motivated.

“You can take a horse to water but you can not force it to drink; it will drink only if it is

thirsty – so will people” (Accel-Team, 2008). The ability of the management team to motivate

their employees to do their best will determine whether the organization is successful or not.

The management team should also be able to understand the employees, know the needs of the

employees, and have the knowledge to keep the employees motivated. At Spirit Manufacturing,

working as a team is important, and plays a major role in the job performance. When managers

possess the skills necessary to coordinate and motivate the employees of an organization, the

working environment will benefit greatly, and the employees will be happier with their jobs.

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