Hardware/Software Components

Hardware/Software Components


In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components



Legacy systems



A computer system or software used by a company’s IT department. Legacy system is an outmoded programming, languages, software, or hardware typically no longer supported by vendors.



Mainframe computers



Is a large computer system that has a higher processing and allows a company to store more data in the system






Is a microchip that contains all functions of a central processing unit in a computer






A smaller version of a mainframe that was designed for personal and individual use only



Network computers



A computer with minimal memory, disk space, and processor power designed to connect to a network or Internet.



World Wide Web and Internet



Is a network that is allows a person to connect to all computers worldwide that are connected to the Internet. The world wide web allows a person to access information via the Internet



Wired and wireless broadband technology



Is a component that allows faster Internet connection and allows information to be received faster.



PC software



Is a program that allows a person to perform a specific function on a computer


Networking software


Is the information, data, or programming used for computers to communicate, or connect to one another and share information.



Computer security software


Software designed to provide strong data protection with minimal efforts.


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