Goal is to meet the criteria for a frequent shoppers program for Kudler Fine Foods and its loyal customers. Needed are all the Kudler Fine Food Stores and all the companies that do business with them on a regular basis to set up the frequent shopper program correctly.


System Requirements for Frequent Shopper Program

There are many different system requirements, which could be taken into consideration by the Kudler Fine Foods organization. A system requires development in two parts or the areas i.e. hardware and software. Hardware is related to the system itself and how it will run for example, speed and storage space; while software relates to the tracking and the information interface and how it will relate to the database. The following is a possible set of requirements that could establish hardware system for the implementation of the ‘Frequent Shopper Program’ –

Centralized Data Management System– The most important part of the implementation is to have a centralized system. The centralize system will help to upload and send data to all the stores. This will allow all stores to be kept aware of any promotional deals that the shoppers may be eligible. A centralized management system would also help stores monitor and recognize the records of customers.

Content servers– The central data system would be connected to several databases at one time. The loss of this data would mean that the company would likely lose costumers. The content server will help to keep track of crucial information.


Front End Web Server- A front end web server will allow for the consumers to redeem the points earned, thus increasing the value of the rewards program.(Reynolds, 2004).

Customer ID Card – This card will be scanned at check out in order for the costumer to receive the points gained from their purchase.

Kudler Fine Foods also needs some software to insure of the program. The software may include monitoring and storage software. Software such as this can strengthen the success rate of the program. A Customer Relationship Management’ (CRM) software for its frequent shopper program is crucial because the goal of the entire program is to increase the sales as well as draw in new customers. This will increase the company’s bottom line. The CRM software will assist with the customer’s identification, it will also help to increase customer retention. The security software will help to protect the firm from the hacking of information, of the clientele (Tipton & Krause, 2006).

Taking these few small steps will help the people at Kudler Fine foods have a much easier time when rolling out their new loyalty program.

Tipton, H.F. & Krause, M. (2006). Information Security Management Handbook. CRC Press.

Reynolds, J. (2004). The complete E-Commerce Book: Design, Build & Maintain a Successful Web-Based Business (2nd Ed.). Focal Press.



Kudler Fine Foods


Del Mar, Ca.

La Jolia, Ca.

Encinitas, Ca.

Sub Systems


Meats and Seafood


Cheese and Dairy



Accounting Department



Meats and Seafood


Cheese and Dairy


Sub Groups

Loyal Customers


Amounts purchased

Price paid

Loyalty points for purchases

Scope is a statement that will define decision making about the project. It will include all departments within the company and the vendors the company uses. It will help make better decisions for all. Scope tells goal statements, justifying the project, what products it will produce, deliverables, and success of the project. The scope will identify restrictions within certain departments to keep valuable information safe. This will include all the Kudler Fine Foods stores, the loyal customers, purchases, cash spent on products.

The goal statement is a short statement used to describe what the goals will be and how they will be accomplished.

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