I paid – how do I create account and access essays?

Once your payment is completed, you will receive an email from us with an activation link. Wait for it a bit if it doesn’t show up immediately – though it should. If you don’t see it, please check your SPAM folder because it could be there. Click on the activation link, or copy-paste it in your browser and create an account. We can be reached at [support AT essayfellas.com] if you encounter any issues whatsoever. If you donated to gain access, please wait till we review your submissions.

How can I cancel my membership

In order to cancel your membership, please log into your PayPal account and find the subscription section and cancel from there. Otherwise email us your username from the email you registered with and we would take care of it for you. You can also go from the paid membership to the donation based membership and vice versa!

What do you do?

Essayfellas is a free repository of tutorials and essays, contributed by students like you. All submissions must be academic – and we ask they be created by you!

What kind of tutorials do you accept?

Academic. Please restrict your submission to pedagogy: contributing to the reference pool here. SPAM would get you permanently banned – just as uploading someone else’s work, or stuff from another website. Also, please refrain from only posting questions to get access.

How may I join

Marking the third anniversary of our creation in 2012, there are two ways you could go about acquiring our membership. The first is by donating some of your own work. Start by clicking on the “Monthly Pass” link. There you would get to contribute to the repository by adding 15 of your own tutorials. In return, you would be accorded a month’s membership.

A second method is taking the paid route. Just click – “Join Us” and pay the monthly subscription fee of only $7. That gets you a month’s membership!

Whats the typical processing time after I submit my documents?

During ordinary work loads, it is a few minutes =). But that gets extended to a few hours or more during high traffic times (semester ends etc.)

What is the paid membership fee?

At this time, it is $7 for a month of membership or a bit less than $2 per week.

How can I reference any material I find here?

Please use formatting guidelines as applied to a webpage. Why don’t you try looking for the daughter of citation machine on Google?

What can I do if the question I’m looking for is not available on your site?

Please contact us with the title of the essay you are trying to find and we will help you with your search. All too often essays are not properly indexed and as such hard to come by. Use the Contact Us page.

You can always reach us at support AT essayfellas.com.